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Judges' Table. They discuss things. As the cheftestants wait, Dave asks Miguel if he's okay. "I'm fine," Miguel says with crossed arms, clearly not fine. "This is the quietest I've ever heard you," Tiffani snarks. "I had a bad DAY!" Miguel announces back. Tiffani, not looking at him, makes a silently amused face at his trauma. She's all calmly raised eyebrows and tight smug smile. Bitch. She's just SUCH A BITCH! Miguel demands to know if Tiffani goes home and jumps for joy when she's had a bad day. "No," Dave answers sympathetically in place of Tiffani. The top three -- Tiffani, Lee Anne, Stephen -- are brought to the Judges' Table. More smug smiles from Tiffani's HUGE face. They all get props, but Colicchio tells Tiffani that her beef was over-rested and her onions were underdone. She must've used a squeegee to wipe that smugness away. Lee Anne is the winner. Awesome. Lee Anne, always a class act, tells us that her win was due in no small part to the fact that Tiffani had already come up with a good dish. The Katie Leebot wants the lowdown on how things worked, teamwise, in the kitchen. Lee Anne talks about going over her dish with Miguel and then suddenly hearing "salt" from across the kitchen. Tiffani laughs snidely. Colicchio confirms that Miguel used salt instead of sugar in his sorbet. Stephen looks uncomfortable. Colicchio asks if, based on kitchen performance, Miguel should be voted off. "It's a tough call," Lee Anne starts to say. "I'll step up -- yes," Tiffani interrupts. Stephen and Lee Anne stare at her. Tiffani goes on that Miguel flipped out and got himself into a "headspace" that he was trying to dig himself out of. Stephen tells the judges that the whole thing was a shame because he doesn't think Miguel is at the bottom of the ladder. At this, Tiffani frowns confusedly at Stephen. Stephen thinks there are weaker people in the kitchen. Colicchio wants names. "Andrea, Dave," Stephen lists. Tiffani shakes her head. Sorry, but Andrea is weaker than Miguel (not sure I agree that Dave is), so I don't know what Tiffani is shaking her big ol' head over. ["That she didn't get credit for 'stepping up,' probably, because she likes to tell herself that off-sides bitchiness is 'brave.' Hate!" -- Sars] Lee Anne says that Miguel did his best and she thinks he's very happy with what he did. He didn't seem happy in the back room, hon. "It was definitely different from my original vision, but he worked with it, he went with it, and he made the best of what he could do," Lee Anne concludes. They are released. Lee Anne tells them that the judges want Dave (he nods quickly and swigs his wine; the tears are already forming!), Miguel, and Andrea.

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