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Cold Stone Chillin'

Time's up. Padma and Govind proceed to taste all the flavors, starting with Tre and his candied hazelnut, raspberry ginger sauce, shiso, and cherry mix-in. When Govind takes a spoonful, he seems to take care that his lips don't touch the food. Either he's an anorexic or he really isn't thrilled about the idea of these flavors. He proclaims Tre's mix-in "very, very interesting." Hung -- going a thousand miles a minute -- bangs all his spoons in his ingredient ramekins and counts off, "Candied pistachios, white chocolate, mint, tempura flakes, tamarind brown butter sauce, and cauliflower white chocolate espuma." The graphics leave out the tamarind brown butter sauce but say he had a gelee -- maybe they were the same thing? Either way: gross. I think it's a serious texture violation to have a gelee in ice cream. Suddenly finding loogie in the middle of your Tin Roof Sundae would ruin the whole Bridgeman's experience. Govind wonders why he bothered with the espuma. (By the way, I love how it's all about espumas this year -- like foams are a dirty word or something. "No, no -- it's not a foam, it's an espuma!" Because that's...different.) Hung explains that it was there to "refresh the palate." Yeah, that's what we don't have enough of in ice cream -- palate refreshers. They're called sorbets, Hung. Look it up.

Casey brings her cold stone over, and while explaining that she wanted to bring Sriracha into ice cream, she douses her ice cream with bloody slashes of the stuff. She also added poblanos, dried apricot, and potato chips. Wow -- her double-scoop of crap makes Hung's look almost appetizing. Casey's patter is, "We've talked amongst the house about how much we like Sriracha on everything, so we're going to see if it truly does go on ice cream." Govind takes a mouthful and just says, "Wow." He shudders. And it's not from pleasure. Casey admits good-naturedly, "I actually made Govind Armstrong shudder. He got a chill down his back from the interesting flavor of the ice cream. That's a first." You know, she could have made the pepper sauce work if she hadn't done all that other weird crap. Just combine it with hot fudge and a fleck of cinnamon butter to dull the vinegar-y taste while taking advantage of the heat. Moving on to Dale, Govind learns that he flambéed peaches with Grand Marnier and also candied pecans to imitate a peach cobbler topping. Govind likes it. He also likes Howie's mix-in of balsamic vinegar-macerated mixed berries with sea salt and sugar. Howie scorched the berries to crisp them up a bit, and Govind really likes it. We don't see what CJ, Sara N., or Sara M. did. I'm sort of sad we didn't hear what ice cream craziness the Brians got up to in this challenge, but there's definitely enough Briansanity later for a feast.

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