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Govind says that both Hung and Casey were at the bottom of this challenge. Addressing Hung, Govind says, "I thought there was so much going on -- it was really difficult to decipher the flavors and how they all worked together." Hung's predictable response to us is, "Judge wanted something very simple, very catchy for the common people -- I think I just missed the whole flavor of adding fruit purees to it because that's what most people did." Get him -- "for the common people," like you're such a peasant if you don't want cauliflower crap in your ice cream. He's just one of the rarified few who are privileged enough to appreciate mixing cruciferous vegetables with soft-serve. Next time, he's going to create a Radish Buster Parfait and it's going to be loved by three whole people. He's that special. Govind says that Casey's Sriracha ice cream proved that he doesn't like that hot sauce on everything. His top picks are Dale and Howie, and he ultimately chooses Dale as the winner. Dale is thrilled to finally win something. Padma grins big and says, "For your Elimination're off the hook for now! Tonight, you'll get a chance to enjoy Miami nightlife." The cheftestants go wild. Because they're stupid and have never watched a Bravo competitive reality show in their entire lives.

Back at the Top Chef Towers, Dale and Sara N. do an odd little dance on the balcony and discuss what they're going to wear on their night out. Maybe they'll even match! (I'm not kidding, that's what they said.) Dale says that Sara N. has become his little sister, his little girlfriend/best friend: "She's just so adorable!" They raid Sara N.'s closet, so Dale can give gay fashion advice like, "It's a little frumpy -- it's a little hippy for tonight" when discussing a multi-tiered top. Sara N. says that Dale is her new gay boyfriend. Howie doesn't care what he wears, because it's not like they aren't going to be let in to wherever they're going. Howie's also "over" the whole club scene since he was born and raised in Miami and he's grown out of it. Casey flat-irons her hair and sprays it down. Or up, depending on what's needed to look even more like Jennifer Aniston. One of the Brians says, "It's great to see the girls in make-up and dressed up, you know, it's great to get us out of our work clothes. Everyone cleaned up really nice." Even MALARKEY!, who had to be talked out of wearing jeans shorts with Crocs and a wifebeater. The cheftestants leave Top Chef Towers and find a Hummer limo in the parking lot. It's nice that they're going to undo all that good their Rav 4 hybrids have been doing. The cheftestants are psyched as they clamber in. They toast each other with paper cups full of something.

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