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The teams take fifteen minutes to explore their catering trucks and immediately start brainstorming food. The Brians -- or Aces -- announce that they will be doing a raw bar out front, because they can't ever let go of the seafood beat. Govind and Dale climb into the Hummer limo and take off. The Black Team appears to have little trouble coming up with their dishes, while the Orange Team steamrolls Sara N. and her suggestions of falafel and french fries with different mayo-based dipping sauces. I'd go for those dipping sauces in a soused heartbeat. Both teams arrive at The Fresh Market at 10:47 PM and bang on the doors for the manager. Smiling, the manager lets them in. Clearly, this was prearranged. "What are you still DOING here?" Casey shrills. Seriously, staying open for $600? I guess it's more the placement than the cash.

The Orange Team's menu consists of Cuban sandwiches, sliders (mini-burgers) with milkshakes, quesadillas, chocolate-covered bananas, ceviche tacos, and café con leche (coffee with milk). They all run around getting their stuff, and Sara N. is still pissed about the switch along with the fact that she's now having to dash around for groceries in her heels. CJ calls out for his team not to be frantic, but to be thoughtful, because they have plenty of time. Ignoring this, Howie complains, "Why do I not see limes?" Maybe because you're in the carrot and spinach section? CJ continues to give encouragement, and Howie continues to ignore this, yelling over him that he got the limes. CJ notes to us that Howie doesn't get the team concept at all. The Black Team makes it to the checkout, and their menu includes Teriyaki chicken wings, onion rings, bacon-wrapped shrimp with grits, jerked soft tacos, a raw bar, and hot chocolate. More shots of CJ trying to calm his team down, but Howie still continues to talk over him. The Black Team sees this and is universally thrilled they have the team members they do. Hung's especially glad not to have Howie on his team. CJ tells us that he played professional volleyball for three years, and he knows what it takes to win. Bellowing out their thanks to Fresh Market, the teams leave with the Brians riding on the grocery cart.

It's just after midnight when the teams reach their catering trucks and start working on their stuff. As the teams get into a Food Flurry, someone calls, "I hope Dale's having a good time!" He is. We jump over to Dale and Govind enjoying their private four-course meal at Govind's restaurant. Dale keeps telling Govind how good his food is. Okay, Govind IS hot, but his dreds make him look like The Predator.

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