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The judges show up, and CJ ladles Colicchio up some café con leche and calls into the truck that they need to get some food out to him. The impression we get across several scenes is that Colicchio is waiting a long-ass time for his food. Meanwhile on Team Black, Brian serves Govind some oysters with a watermelon granita-mignonette and a spicy ceviche taco. Sara M. steps up next to explain her jerk flank steak soft taco with cilantro cream and pico de gallo. Brian affirms that all their food was a collaborative effort and explains to Govind that Tre is serving up his bacon-wrapped shrimp on cheese grits with a tomato-chipotle butter. Tre tells us that Govind was very impressed with the look and taste of his dish. Finally, Brian gets Hung to hand out his onion rings and teriyaki chicken wings. Ted Allen shows up and wonders if there's more noise coming from inside or outside the catering truck. And Colicchio is still waiting for his food from Team Orange. He finally gets Sara N.'s mini-burger with caramelized onions, says, "Nice job," and walks away. That was...anticlimactic. Ted Allen arrives to sample a mini-burger and asks how the ground chuck was seasoned (salt, pepper, Italian seasonings, parsley). Padma steps up, and CJ gives her his ceviche taco with shrimp, scallops, Anaheim chiles, cilantro, and scallions as well as Casey's four-cheese casey-dilla with vegetables and a roasted pepper sauce. "Mmm, THIS is nice," Padma mumbles through the food. Howie hands out his "Media Noche," a Cuban grilled pork sandwich with fried plantain chips. Padma takes a big bite and her mike picks up serious crunching. "That's a nice crunch, huh? With the cheese?!" CJ says encouragingly. Given Padma's non-reaction, they might as well have dubbed crickets chirping over that scene.

CJ tells us that he thinks people liked their food, but everyone knew it wasn't going out very fast. Over on the other truck, MALARKEY! stands in the doorway and half raps, "Our pants would be so full of money right now 'cuz we woulda sold so much more food than them!" We get typical crowd reactions that aren't very interesting ("It's all about the ceviche!" or "The slider rocks!") or important, given there aren't any comment cards. However, one group -- clearly picked out because, ethnically, they would know from which they speak -- say that the Media Noche was kind of messed up, because a traditional Cubano is served in a different kind of bread. Padma calls out that they'll see them at Judges' Table and leaves. Dale walks up to CJ and asks how things are going. "Fuck you," CJ laughs before hugging him. Sara N. doesn't feel good about how they worked as a team.

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