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Judges' Table. Colicchio notes that Team Black had more of a crowd and handled their service much better than Team Orange, where he had to wait a long time for each dish. They loved Tre's shrimp and grits, think it's easy to make a flavorful ceviche, and liked Hung's onion rings. On the other hand, Colicchio thought Hung's chicken wings were awful, but both Padma and Govind really liked the chicken. Ted liked Team Orange's hamburger, but Govind says his was a little dry and underseasoned. This prompts Colicchio to repeat that Sara N. was "a little out of it," and then asks if anyone else had a milkshake. Ted says they ran out before he got there. "Lucky you," Colicchio says, "It was like milk with a little bit of ice cream in it." They did like Casey's casey-dillas, but thought Howie's Cubano fell far short of what it should be in Miami. Padma goes to the back and calls Team Black to the Tables. Team Black files out. "So there's...that," CJ comments mildly. Hee.

Padma congratulates Team Black and, for once, Tre immediately grins widely at this announcement. Padma wants to know how they all felt about the bait-and-switch that was pulled on them that night. Brian gives some line about how they're all professionally prepared to cook for partiers, so they just threw a party in the parking lot and rolled with it. After Brian explains that they decided their dishes based on how they were going to divide up the catering truck, Govind compliments him for maxing the energy of their customers. Ted Allen gives Tre love for his grits and especially for his bacon. Govind announces that Tre had the winning dish and hands over a copy of his cookbook, Small Bites, Big Nights, which is all about late-night bar food. Padma tells Tre that he also gets a platinum card VIP membership to all the Nikki Beach nightspots around the world. Tre tells us in his slow, sleepy, southern way, "I wanted to kinda strike one home for the south, you know, because you don't see grits much up north and I won a challenge with it."

Team Black returns to the back, and MALARKEY! shoves Tre in front bellowing, "My man from the -- with the grits and the shrimp! YEAAAAH!!" Then there's a Brian changeover, because he suddenly switches on the calm and serious and says, "They wanna see you guys." After Team Orange leaves, we get a shot of the Brians sitting down looking intensely ponderous. Like they're praying for Team Orange or something. I think O'Brian had aspirations to the Cloth at one point in their life, but MALARKEY! went ballistic once Brian explained what "celibacy" was. Padma asks Team Orange how they felt about the challenge. "It was pretty horrible," Casey states decidedly. "We don't dress this way in my kitchen -- I don't even like to have my cooks in the kitchen see me dressed up to go out. I don't ever mix the two." "No absolutely not," Sara N. adds. "I thought that this challenge was particularly demoralizing for myself." Colicchio's eyebrows shoot right up into his hairli -- er, scalp. Sara N. goes on that running around the supermarket in heels and a low-cut shirt made her feel out of her element. Padma turns to their dishes. Casey explains she did the casey-dilla and also acted as expediter. Colicchio points out to Howie that his Cubano wasn't really true to its name because he didn't press it. Howie admits that while he did try to press the sandwich with sheet pans, he wasn't really that successful. Govind tells Sara N. that her burgers didn't have enough salt, "Which is pretty huge when it comes to a burger." Colicchio turns to their team spirit and leaps on Sara N. for admitting she was demoralized, "That had to rub off on the team." Howie steps forward to say that he didn't think Sara N. was pulling her weight because she wasn't putting her burgers out fast enough.

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