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Dakota is excited to have béchamel, because she loves it, and she's making it with scallops. The problem is that she put her scallops on too early so she runs the risk of them getting cold and also overcooking since they will continue to cook as they sit there. Grayson was confident starting out, but now she's worried about the number of elements she has to plate, and if she'll run out of time. Padma calls time and Grayon did manage to plate her food how she wanted.

Time to eat! Chris Hollywood had veloute, and made butter-poached halibut over mussels, andouille, mushrooms and veloute. He cooked his andouille and mushrooms together and used that to make the sauce. Ed had béchamel, and he made cauliflower milk béchamel with poached red snapper, crab and fried oyster. I've never had béchamel with fish, though it seems common. Grayson had Hollandaise and she made scallop, charred corn sauce, corn ravioli and blueberry balsamic reduction. That's a weird mix of flavors, but I'd like to try it.

Moving on to Paul, he had espagnole, and he made quail with pickled and roasted mushrooms, garlic scapes and okra. Fearing asks what color his roux was, and Paul says he didn't use one. This is clearly a mistake according to Fearing, and Paul wonders if he should have lied. Whitney (who?) had tomate, and she made pached shrimp, fennel pilau, sautéed okra and pancetta. She also skipped the roux, and she gets the soundtrack BONG of disapproval. I've never used a roux in a tomato sauce (and frankly, it sounds kind of gross) but I'm not classically trained, and that is the classic way to do it. Heather had béchamel, and she made gruyere croquette, apple and ginger compote and Asian slaw. Basically, her dish looks like fried cheese balls and coleslaw over apple sauce. Beverly had espagnole and she made a crab maki roll with rib eye, charred shallots, peppercorn, sake and red wine. So she made sushi with a classical sauce. Ballsy? Heather points out that Bev always cooks Asian food. She really does. I get that you want to cook YOUR food, but if that's all she can cook, she needs to step it up.

They are showing a lot more Quickfire dishes than usual. Anyway, Dakota had béchamel, and she made peach-infused béchamel, seared scallop, truffle, and lemon crab. Fearing notes that her béchamel tastes like Hollandaise, which seems weird because that really shouldn't be true. Ty had Hollandaise and made Hollandaise with lemongrass and citrus zest, ahi tuna and baby bok choy. Nyesha had tomate and she made tomate sauce with coconut ras el hanout and braised lentils. That actually sounds really good. Although it looks like there is a piece of salmon on her plate that she didn't mention?

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