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Who Shot JR?

Dean Faring says that there were some sauces that were too sweet, and some that were too acidic, but overall the seasonings were good. His three least favorite were as follows: Dakota, because the peach was overpowering; Nyesha, because she had too many flavors and it was muddled; and Beverly, because she didn't do a good job incorporating the mother sauce, but added her own wasabi instead.

So who did Fearing like? He loved Grayson's dish, especially that she made a ravioli. He was impressed that Chris Hollywood added the poaching liquids back into the sauce for additional flavor. And he thought Paul's combination of ingredients and flavors was perfect. So who is the winner? The person who used the mother sauce creatively and cooked every element to perfection was...Grayson! So she has immunity and Dean Fearing gives her a double thumbs up and a "Whoo!" I love him. Grayson feels like she's proven herself, since she barely made it into the competition in the first place. I had completely forgotten about that, but good for her.

Padma goes on to introduce the Elimination Challenge, which is going to be about steak. They have to work as one team to cook a four-course steak dinner for two hundred guests. Ty interviews that he worked in a NYC steakhouse for two years, so he has a lot of experience cooking steak, but not for two hundred people at a time. Padma adds that they have to incorporate steak into two of the four courses, and they'll be serving at the Cattle Barons' Ball. Sarah knows about that, since her grandfather was a member. Dean Fearing cautions them to pull the steaks off when they are medium rare, and don't overcook them. Padma is delighted to tell them that they'll be serving at Southfork Ranch. Everyone under the age of 35 is like, "Whuh?" It's where the Ewings from Dallas lived. You know, JR? Bobby? Jock? Miss Ellie? Blank stares all around. Heather jokes around that her family watched Dynasty, so she doesn't know who shot JR. It was Kristin. And then she was found floating dead in the pool. We were a Dallas family. And as an added bonus, the winner of this challenge gets a new car.

Menu planning time begins, and everyone is shouting. Paul takes charge and suggests that they split up into groups by course, and everyone divides themselves. The first course will be soup, and Sarah, Beverly and Dakota will be working on that. They are thinking of doing a gazpacho, which seems mostly like Dakota's idea. Edward takes on the role of secretary to coordinate between all four groups, at least during the planning phase. He confirms that the second course will use sirloin and the third course will be ribeye steaks, thus meeting the requirements of the challenge. The dessert group (Heather, Lindsay, Grayson) is making a cake. In fact, Heather is making the same cake she used at the Quincenera. Turns out it's actually Ed's cake recipe, and he's a little peeved that she's using it again. I don't know. It's just a basic cake recipe, and she didn't have one memorized. She's obviously going to do something different with it. And if he's so cheesed off, he could make the dessert. No one wants to make dessert, because they usually suck on this show. I don't see the big deal.

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