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I wish there was a song we could all sing during the Whole Foods shopping segment. It might make everything a little more interesting. Kind of like when you make up words for instrumental songs during opening credits. Like I made up on for St. Elsewhere when I was a kid where I basically sang the opening credits to the tune. It started, "Where are you going to? Where are you going to? Where are you going to, it's St. Else. Where!" I didn't say it was good. I was like ten. I probably shouldn't have been watching that show in the first place. I remember being really scared of the rapist (although I don't think I knew what rape was) and then the actor was on that show about Vietnam and I couldn't watch it because he scared me so much. So anyway, that's what I think about the Whole Foods segment. What cracks me up about the end of this segment is that the whole time, they're talking about how much food they need to cook for two hundred people, and they're trying to find more potatoes and more onions and then when they walk out, each cheftestant is carrying one bag with like three things in it. Disconnect.

Back in the kitchen, they have three hours to prep. Sarah, Beverly and Dakota are making a watermelon-tomato gazpacho. They feel like a cold soup will be a good light first course, since the middle two courses both feature beef, which can be heavy. Ed, Chris Moto and Paul are making a seared beef carpaccio salad for the second course. The third course has been broken up into components: Ty is handling the steaks, Chris Hollywood is making Brussels sprouts, Nyesha is doing the compound butter and the sauce, and Whitney is making potatoes gratin. I note that the steaks were purchased already cut, so Ty has no control over how thick they are. Let's hope the butcher was consistent. Whitney has already sliced the potatoes for her gratin; I'm not sure how she plans to keep them from oxidizing, but that's her problem, I guess.

Everyone is deep into prep. Beverly is cleaning shrimp for poaching and Heather feels like she's taking too much time to do so. I don't know what else she has to do; if the shrimp is her only contribution, why not take your time with it? Is she holding Heather up? Can Heather not bake her cake until Beverly is done with the shrimp? I just don't see why Heather cares. Ed is worried about Whitney's potatoes, and he and Heather both think she should cook them tonight. Whitney stands firm that she's cooking them tomorrow. It's not clear whether it's a time issue or she just doesn't want to cook the potatoes ahead. They would be super mushy if they sit, cooked, overnight. I think she just made the wrong decision; there have to be better potato dishes to make over a two-day span. Like she could have done an upscale twice-baked potato. I just love twice-baked potatoes, so I might be biased. But if she used some fancy ingredients and interesting flavor combinations, I think it could have worked. But just a straight potato gratin seems boring and risky.

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