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Who Shot JR?

And then Ty stabs himself with a knife, accidentally. The cut is between his first and second fingers, right in the webbing, and it's bleeding a lot. He's totally calm about it. The medic tells him that he's going to need stitches, and he decides to just wrap it up and finish prep (there are less than fifteen minutes left) and then deal with it later.

Time is up for the day, and everyone goes back to the suite, except Ty, who heads to the Emergency Room. The rest of the group gathers in their living room to talk about their backup plan, in case Ty can't cook tomorrow. No one seems to step up to take over the steaks, claiming that they have too much to do. Do they really need three people on dessert? I mean, aren't they just making a cake? Lindsay interviews that she's frustrated that no one is stepping up, but things went so wrong on the last team challenge (when Keith was eliminated) that she understands why people are hesitant.

The next morning, Ty has returned. He was in the Emergency Room until 6 AM, and he got four stitches. He had to wait a long time because gunshot victims were coming in and getting in ahead of him. So he has no sleep and is probably exhausted, but he knows that he needs to step it up and compete.

The cheftestants drive to Southfork and there is the most hilarious off-brand version of the Dallas theme song. It sounds enough like it that you know what they were going for, but it's totally janky and ridiculous. Heather interviews that she finished baking the cakes last night, so she and Lindsay are doing all of the non-food preparation, like getting the plates ready and setting up the tables they'll need. She's also going down the checklist and making sure everything is happening in a timely fashion. So what is Grayson doing?

Chris Moto is in charge of searing the sirloin for their salad, and he's grilling the steaks and then shocking them so they don't get overcooked. Whitney is working on getting her potatoes in the oven, but first she has to take out the potatoes that oxidized. Did she not know that would happen? I'm very confused about Whitney's entire process.

Hey, were you wondering what's going on with Beverly's shrimp? Because Heather sure is concerned about it. She orders Beverly to start poaching the shrimp that are ready while she cleans the other ones, which makes sense, but why is it Heather's problem? Or she could offer to help, if she's so concerned, right? Dakota interviews that Heather is really obnoxious and kind of a bully. Thank you, Dakota. Good to know I'm not crazy here. I would be annoyed by Beverly's slowness, but if it wasn't affecting my dish, I would keep it to myself. What's the worst that could happen? She doesn't finish in time? It takes like two minutes to poach shrimp. And if her dish fails, then she goes home. What's the downside?

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