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Colicchio shows up to see what's doing. He runs into Heather, who explains that she's taken on the role of expediting. He heads into the kitchen with Dean Fearing. Dakota explains that she's in charge of all the knifework for the vegetable garnish for the soup. Sarah made the actual soup, Dakota made an avocado mousse, and Beverly is just doing the shrimp. It does seem like Beverly's contribution is less than that of the others, but that's for the judges to determine, I guess. Dean Fearing checks on Whitney's potato gratin. He's surprised to see that she's not making it in a double boiler, and calls it "chancy." I cannot for the life of me figure out why she would use a double boiler. To parcook the potatoes (which she didn't do)? Colicchio talks to Ty about his injury and stitches. Ty explains that their strategy is to mark the steaks on the grill and then finish them in the oven. That seems like a few too many steps, but what do I know? I've never cooked for two hundred people.

The guests are starting to arrive. Beverly is pleased that her shrimp came out perfectly, despite Heather's yelling. The judges arrive. Jennifer Dix is the chairman of the Cattle Baron's Ball and Maria Clark is the Regional VP for the American Cancer Society. They explain that this is a big fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Hugh Acheson is also there to judge with Tom and Padma. Cut to Ty outside with all of the grills. It's 112 degrees out, and he's standing out amongst the grills, running on no sleep and with an injury. You'd think someone would be out there helping him, but he's all alone.

Sarah comes out to serve the first course, made by Sarah, Beverly, Dakota: tomato-watermelon gazpacho, poached shrimp and avocado mousse. Maria Clark says that she was hoping to taste more watermelon. Tom thinks it's properly seasoned and the shrimp is cooked nicely, but it's all a little safe. Hugh thinks the acid content is a little high, but the dish hits a good note. The diners really like it, and think it's nice and light.

Ed serves the second course, a New York strip steak Carpaccio, heirloom tomato salad, vinaigrette and mushroom "bacon". Chris Moto seared the steaks, Ed made the tomato salad and the candied pistachio vinaigrette, and Paul made the mushroom "bacon". As they plate the second course, Lindsay observes out loud that they need to start cooking the steaks for the third course, but no one seems to listen. Tom tastes the second course and notes that the tomato salad is boring and has no point of view. Hugh says that he would have peeled the tomatoes. Dean Fearing notes that the steak was cooked really well and the degree of doneness was great.

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