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I really don't get their method for cooking these steaks. Ty has charred them on the grill so that they all have grill marks. And then the steaks were...just sitting on the counter in trays? Wouldn't they continue to cook from the heat? So now the plan is to stick them in really hot ovens for a few minutes to finish cooking them. I don't know. Anyway, Lindsay gets nervous that they haven't started flash cooking the steaks yet, and keeps asking around to see if anyone else cares. No one wants to step up and say yes or no, so she finally just corrals Ed, Chris Moto and Paul and gets them to help her start cooking the steaks. Oh, I guess after marking them, Ty is putting them in ice baths to stop the cooking process. But wouldn't that affect the flavor? This whole process is weird.

So anyway, after all that hustle and bustle, they bring the finished steaks out and Heather's like, "We can't start plating yet. The diners are still eating the second course." That's information that might have been helpful FIVE MINUTES AGO! Why didn't Heather tell them that when Lindsay was asking her if they should start cooking the steaks? This is all fucked up. It's either Lindsay's fault for going rogue or Heather's fault for not speaking up. Poor Ed is back in the kitchen throwing pans in the oven and Chris Hollywood comes back and tells him to stop, because they haven't even plated the ones they have finished previously. Heather says that they should get the steaks ready to flash and then someone tells her that they've already been flashed. Ty brings in his latest rack of steaks and finds out that the inside teams screwed up and now his steaks are going to be overcooked.

Finally, it's time to plate the third course. Ed is worried that the steaks are cold, and then he points out that the gratin is a mess. I don't know what Whitney was planning, but she's struggling to cut her gratin. She should use a biscuit cutter and make little circles of potato. Nyesha puts her compound butter and the sauce over the steaks, and worries that her elements will be allowed to shine on their own and not be lumped in with the terrible meat.

Nyesha presents the third course and explains that Ty-Lor grilled the rib-eye. Whitney made the potato gratin, Chris Hollywood made the braised Brussels sprouts and she made the compound butter. The diners like the Brussels sprouts. The judges discover that the steaks are cooked unevenly. Another things that's cooked unevenly is the gratin. There is nothing worse than biting into an uncooked potato. Yuck. Luckily for Nyesha, the judges like the compound butter and the sauce very much.

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