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And finally, it's time for the fourth course, dessert. Heather interviews that she hopes the judges understand that they tried to go light on the dessert because the previous two courses were pretty heavy. Lindsay, Grayson and Heather made a "Right Side Up" Texas peach cake, peach salad and candied pecan streusel. I don't know why it took three people to make this dessert, though, and I don't know what Grayson was doing while Heather and Lindsay were expediting today. Hugh doesn't think it's sweet enough, but Tom likes it because it's not too sweet. The diners are similarly divided, although no one hates it.

Summing up, Tom says that he thought the group played it way too safe, since they have thirteen chefs to serve two hundred people, and that gave them room to take some chances. Padma offers up a toast and they all leave. Back in the kitchen, Ty laments that they fired the steaks too early. He interviews that the most important element of this challenge was to serve two hundred steaks medium rare, and he failed at that, so he knows he'll be on the bottom. Whitney tells someone that her gratin was a little loose and the sauce broke down a bit, but she hopes that the judges think it highlighted the beef, but she also knows that she might end up at judges' table.

Weird Interstitial. Beverly tells Edward that she basically stalked his restaurant one time. Because she's awkward and weird.

Stew Room. Heather wants to talk about what went wrong. In other words, Heather wants to set up a narrative so that everyone knows who to blame for everything, and she wants to make sure that she's in charge of that narrative. Ty admits that he's ultimately responsible for the steaks being bad, even though he was running on an hour's sleep. Heather isn't interested in taking out Ty, because they're friends, so she tries to pin it on Beverly, saying that she could've done more. How did Beverly's slow shrimp cleaning affect the steaks, which were the biggest problem? If she had been faster, she would have what? Spoken up and told Lindsay not to cook them yet? I doubt it. Shut it, Heather. She adds that she and Lindsay are on the line, because they were in charge of execution. Maybe Heather should save her bitching until they find out who's in the top and bottom, huh?

Padma comes in and asks to see Nyesha, Heather and Chris Moto. They are the judges' top three. Boy, are they relieved to hear that. They have a group hug in celebration. Dean tells Chris that his steak was cooked perfectly, and Hugh says it was the shining star of that course. Tom tells Heather that her dessert was perfect and not overly sweet. Dean adds that it was very moist and perfectly cooked. Tom tells Nyesha that compound butter has kind of gone out of style, but it's still great when it's done well, and it saved the dish. Hugh liked the bright flavors and nuance, and it helped a steak that was "confused on the plate." Dean says that the winner made their favorite element of the dinner, and that's Heather. See, Heather? Maybe you should have saved your blame-assignment. Anyway, Heather has won a car, so she's thrilled.

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