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When they get back in the Stew Room, Heather asks if anyone wants to ride in her new car. Way to read the room, Heather. They're all terrified and you're gloating. Anyway, the bottom three are Ty, Whitney and Edward. Whitney reminds us that Hugh Acheson is her mentor so she's comforted to see him. Padma explains that the meal as a whole was underwhelming, and these three made the worst dishes. Tom complains that their dishes were either undercooked, inconsistent or boring, and he expected more.

They start with Ty, who knows that the steaks were overcooked. Tom explains that they were actually inconsistent. Tom wonders why they didn't just grill them. Ty says that he thinks their method could have worked if they had fired them at the right time, but he knows that the buck stops with him and he accepts responsibility. Moving on, Colicchio wonders why Whitney chose to make a gratin, which is pretty heavy, on such a hot day. Whitney thought it would highlight the steak. Padma tells her that Tom's was raw, and Whitney is upset and surprised. Dean wonders why she didn't notice that it was raw when she was cutting it. Tom tells Edward that the elements of his dish were fine, but boring, which is how Tom felt about the entire menu. Edward says that no one wanted to step on toes, so they all played it safe. Hugh wants someone to step up and execute a vision, and no one did.

The bottom three are excused. Back in the Stew Room, Ty says that he worked in a steak house for two years, so he should have done better, with no excuses. Whitney also knows she made a dumb mistake. The judges agree; Tom says that if one of his cooks took six hours to cook that gratin, they'd get canned. Dean thinks the dish is chef 101. Hugh knows that Whitney is assertive and can run a kitchen, so he doesn't know what happened. Tom can't figure out why Ty didn't grill the steaks to medium rare in one step. And they're all confused about what Edward was thinking with that blah dish, and wonder if he underestimated his diners.

The bottom three are back to face the judges and find out their fates. Tom tells Whitney that she played it safe and still messed up. Ed also played it safe and his dish wasn't worthy of the competition. Ty took on a lot of responsibility, but didn't follow through. Tom worries that they chose the wrong chefs for this competition. Tom is disgusted! He adds that it's usually tough to send someone home, but they made it easy tonight. Ouch. Padma tells Whitney to pack her knives and go. She's disappointed, especially because it's Hugh Acheson sending her home. Tom snipes after she's gone that if you can't put together a gratin in six hours, you don't deserve to be there. Whitney's exit interview is all about how she's happy for the opportunity and to meet such amazing chefs. And now she heads to Last Chance Kitchen to face off against Chuy.

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