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Tofu time. Richard emphasizes their collaboration, crediting Dale with the curry idea and calling green curry "the most complex, perplexing green flavor." Colicchio wonders about the idea of marinating the tofu in the beef fat, for which Richard deservedly takes credit, while Johnny praises the fact that they "came out as a team and really just stood by each other" and selects them as the winners. It's interesting to me that this was a team victory, since usually there's an individual winner, even in team challenges. I wonder if they would have given Richard the win for the beef fat technique, but decided to let Dale enjoy the glory as well since Richard had immunity. The prizes are getting better -- each of them receives "$2500 worth of Calphalon kitchenware, courtesy of Calphalon," says Padma (uh, yeah, like Johnny's actually handing everything over to them right now). It would be amusing if they got $2500 worth of Calphalon kitchenware, courtesy of All-Clad.

Dale explains that while Richard "came up with some concepts and some ideas," he let Dale drive -- tit for tat, since when Dale had immunity and worked with Richard, he let Richard drive. Tell yourself what you will, Dale, but I think the beef fat technique won the challenge for you. But Richard even lets Dale take the lion's share of the credit when they return to the group and call Antonia, Lisa, Stephanie and Jen to the table, which is generous of him.

Lisa, as usual, has a nasty look on her face, as the interrogation starts with her and Antonia and who made the choice to substitute chorizo for Polish sausage. When they say both of us, Colicchio has a hard time believing that they both came to the same decision at the same moment, but they stand firm. Lisa takes pains to explain that the only version of Polish sausage she knows -- a tangle of sausage, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (oh, the horror!) -- is not "something I would ever dream of putting on a plate." Antonia doesn't enjoy Polish sausage either -- oh, I had no idea she was a dyke as well, ha-ha. Right, Ted? She maintains her poker face as Colicchio tells them that they really should have incorporated the Polish sausage, while Johnny mentions how much he loves "to cook sausage in beer," and how that could have been a wonderful way to take it. "From now on, trust me, I'm gonna be, like...," starts Antonia, before Colicchio cuts her off with "If there is a from now on." Snap. Lisa then expresses frustration that her first time on the chopping block is due to "a slight wording thing," by which I assume she means "a blatant disregard of the elements that were to inform our dish." Calling it "a technicality," Colicchio says that's all they have to go on, since the dishes were good. Yeah, a technicality and the fact that you two bitches stood in front of everyone and did shots without offering them to anyone else, which never gets mentioned during this portion of the judging, and which strikes me as the height of rudeness.

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