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Food, Fire, and Frog Legs

Now it's the Black Group's turn to cook. Their mystery box is filled with frog legs, chicken liver, eggplant, cornflakes, and peanut butter. That's so much easier than the other box. I'd make a ginger and kaffir lime-infused fry batter with the cornflakes, roll the frog legs in them, and deep-fry them. Then I'd slice the eggplant into matchsticks, stir-fry it with tangerine peel and scallions. Next, I'd toss it with a sauce made with the peanut butter, ginger, and red pepper flakes, which I would have enriched by the cooked and puréed chicken liver. Food Flurry. Marcel decides that Otto acted like a train wreck in the kitchen because he was running back and forth, grabbing one thing at a time. Dude? Your hair is a train wreck. In the mountains. Off a trestle. Into a ravine six hundred feet below. During a blizzard.

Colicchio arrives for his second Sniff 'n' Sneer of the day and talks to Betty about frog legs tasting like chicken. Marcel tells Colicchio he's never cooked frog legs before but has seen them cooked at his restaurant. Doc Hopper would have loved this challenge. Kermit? Not so much. Mia tells Colicchio she's stoked about the ingredients because it was like Sunday dinner at grandma's house. Outside the kitchen, Colicchio observes that many are frying the frog legs, which he sneers is "clearly the easy way out." Food Flurry. Time's up.

Marcel presents his Frog Leg Lollipop (lamb lollipops were all the restaurant rage a few years ago) with Chicken Liver Purée, and Garlic and Parsley Sauces. Again, considering what the point of this challenge was, I wish they would explain to us where all the ingredients are -- where's the eggplant? The peanut butter? It looks he could have crusted the frog leg with cornflakes, but I'm not certain. The Orange Group tells us they weren't that impressed by Marcel. I'm not impressed by Marcel's Flock of Pelicans hair.

Betty made a Frog Leg and Chicken Liver Cake and put it on top of a salad dressed with a peanut butter ginger sauce. Eggplant? Cornflakes? Ted Ilan likes it, and Carlos winks at Betty encouragingly. Aw, I like Carlos more and more.

Sam presents his Turmeric and Cereal-Crusted Frog Leg with Eggplant and Caper Sauté and a Duo of Sauces. The sauces look like smears. We don't learn much more.

Over at Josie's station, we see her cornflake-coated Frog Leg Nugget with Chicken Liver, Peanut Butter, and Eggplant Jelly. Not much more to observe other than that her presentation looks lovely. The nugget seems to be sitting on a thin, square cake made of potato slices.

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