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Food, Fire, and Frog Legs

America has voted by sixty-nine percent that Marcel is going to be this season's villain. I'll buy that.

The bottom four cheftestants are brought back in and they're each raked over the coals again. Oh, and interestingly? Colicchio says to Marcel, "I don't know if I agree with you that the other contestants are out to get you just yet -- there were some issues with the dish, you shouldn't be so surprised that you're here." But, but... they JUST SAID that the cheftestants needed to STAND BEHIND and SELL their food! See, this is what I mean! Marcel and his hair stood behind his dish and now Colicchio is coming back and dinging him for it! Make up your fucking mind! Damn. Finally, Padma tells Suyai to pack her knives and go. Suyai thanks them and leaves.

In the kitchen, hugs are exchanged, and Suyai says goodbye. She tells us she has a lot of big decisions to make about where she's going and adds, "I know how to flambé now!" and laughs. Aw.

I'm a bit under-whelmed by this episode. I hope things pick up soon.

Next week: really hard to tell what we're going to be seeing exactly, but this season looks as juicy as a ripe persimmon! Future guest judge Tony Bourdain asks, "What kind of crack house are you running?" I will save my very decided and very strong opinions about him for the appropriate recap.

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