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The results are in, and Harold tells them that he thinks they all did a very nice job. He especially liked how they all used seasonal ingredients. However, there are three dishes he didn't especially like. He tells Carlos that he's "not about" non-functional garnishes; he didn't get Elia's dish at all and wonders why she flambéed with red wine; and he thought Suyai's seasoning was lacking and her shrimp undercooked. Harold gives props to the top three: Sam's espresso shrimp; Emily (someone we haven't really met yet, but who is a Master Cook at Nob Hill in Vegas) and her Sliced Pork Chops with Applesauce, Red Plums, and Granny Smith Apples; and Betty's mussels. The winner of the Quickfire is Sam, and he and his scrubby soup strainer will have immunity for the Elimination Challenge.

The cheftestants go back to their loft to rest and get drunk. Oh, for crying -- Marcel is opening a beer bottle with the top of his chef's knife! You know, I don't trust a chef who doesn't know what a bottle opener is. It's just like Stephen and his fucking sabering! Otto says something nearly incomprehensible about chefs partying like rock stars without the budgets. We see Michael (Flounder) digging something out of his wine glass and then eating it. He's the new Miguel. Ted Ilan says they toasted, and then Michael had a few more beers and got toasted. We see Michael drinking deep with wet stains all down the front of his shirt. Frank tells the camera, "I'm glad he doesn't sleep with me." Someone is heard to say, "I'm not going to sleep -- he's going to talk for the rest of the night." I have no idea what that means. Carlos closes the bedroom door behind him and tells Cliff, "Houston, we have incoming." Michael, now shirtless with his pants practically falling off and showing a bit of crack, bids everyone goodnight and then asks if he's being locked out. See what I mean about Michael not winning this? Something tells me that Bravo wouldn't allow the next Top Chef to show crack.

The next day, someone makes fried eggs with sprinkles of black pepper on top. Oh, deliciousness. Michael rolls into the dining room to be greeted by smiles all around. Michael tells us, "I think the chefs think I'm a little crazy. We partied last night." Apropos of who knows what, Michael tells the other chefs that his mom only hit him once. "Maybe she should've hit you a couple more times," Marcel says in passing. Um, what a dick? He sips his coffee, unconcerned at the surprised groans the other chefs are throwing his way and unconcerned that his freak hair makes him look like Syndrome. Ted Ilan tells us that Marcel instigates problems and, if it were a "demeanor competition," Marcel would be sent home right away. Marcel primps to us, "It's not about relationships, this is about the food." Dude, didn't you see why Tiffani didn't win last season? Boy, talk about being doomed to repeat history. Also, in the interview shot, Marcel's hair looks like he actually took a curling iron to it. Maybe he was named for Marcel Waves.

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