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After Carla's elimination, the remaining four are sad for a little bit, since Carla was kind of the mom of the group. We are all sad, I think. Tiffany, especially, is sad since she and Carla were so close. Antonia tells the others that the bottom three cheftestants were told that they need to step it up, because none of their dishes were that great. Antonia interviews that she couldn't get back into it after the fire in the kitchen, and she's starting to feel like she did at the end of her season, like she never really got into a groove. Mike is about the only person who's feeling good right now -- he won the Quickfire and the Elimination, so he feels like he's "back on track." Was he ever on the track to start out with? I feel like he's on track for the first time and that is disturbing me. What if Mike wins? What if he is the Ultimate All Star? I don't know if I can live in a world where that is true.

The next morning, Blais wakes up Mike, who was having a sleep-in. That bed looks really comfy. I can't blame him. Anyway, they all leave the suite, wondering what the day will bring. Blais mutters that it will probably be cooking with not enough time and not enough equipment. Mike adds that there will be a twist in the middle of nowhere. Well, they've clearly watched this show before.

They walk into the kitchen at the Atlantis, where they find Padma and guest judge Lorena Garcia, who is there to promote her NBC cooking reality show that will probably be canceled by the time this is posted, so why bother helping to promote it? Padma introduces the Quickfire Challenge, which is about consistency and precision. They have to work in pairs, and they immediately split into same sex pairs. Mike interviews that he knows Antonia is his cousin (sigh) but she's also the Black Hammer. He has a point. Each team has to create one hundred dishes in an hour. The judges will randomly taste a few plates for testing purposes.

Antonia claims that she would have picked Tiffany even if Mike hadn't grabbed Blais first. Uh huh. Sure you would have. Although I don't know if Antonia and Blais would be a good pair, either from a culinary standpoint, or a personality standpoint. And we all know how much Mike likes to ride coattails. We get an unfortunate shot of Antonia's underwear when she bends over to examine some ingredients. Oh, editors. You couldn't have skipped that one? Mike claims that he and Blais are the favorites, and everyone knows it. Well, Blais is the favorite, and Mike is his partner. So...there you have it.

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