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If you remember at the end of the last episode, Josie and Stefan got into it in the Stew Room, so we open on the following morning. Stefan interviews that, when Josie gets stressed, she talks a lot and he finds it annoying, but in the food business, people call each other assholes all the time and then just get over it. This is a business in which I could never work. I've been a part of that type of culture before and it totally stresses me out. But some people love that shit, so whatever, right?

The cheftestants are all up early and they find a note on the kitchen island with an address. They have to drive somewhere and pick something, but they don't know what and they don't know where. Luckily, they have GPS and they quickly discover that they're going to a shellfish farm. Of course, John has heard of the farm and knows what types of shellfish they have. Micah interviews that his father was a pastor so they weren't allowed to eat shellfish (Jewish? Muslim? I don't know), so he never had it until he went to culinary school, and now he loves it.

They arrive at Taylor Shellfish Farm and discover that they're going to be digging up oysters. They don waders and walk out to discover huge, gigantic oysters. John, and this is going to shock you, gives everyone a lecture about how oysters get their flavor. Josie gets her boot stuck in the mud, and Brooke can't help her out. Micah and Stefan end up helping her and Micah gets his pretty leather coat dirty. And then Josie falls over too.

You guys! John has a lot of experience with oysters! It's like, everything they do, this guy has experience in that area! Either that, or he's a giant blowhard. You make the call. Everyone starts eating fresh, raw oysters. Bart also has experience with oysters because his family owned a restaurant when he was growing up, but Sheldon has never had fresh oysters since they don't have them in Hawaii. Well, now that we have learned everyone's oyster background, let's go back to the kitchen!

When the cheftestants return to the kitchen with their bags of oysters, they find Emeril and Padma waiting. Emeril explains that when he knew they'd be filming in Seattle, he definitely wanted to do an oyster challenge and this is it. For the Quickfire, the cheftestants have to prepare oysters on the halfshell. Half of them will get to do a hot preparation and half will do cold - they get to choose by grabbing a colored apron (red for hot and blue for cold). They have twenty-five minutes and time starts. Everyone wants to do a hot preparation, so people like Sheldon get stuck doing a cold prep even though it's not what they wanted.

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