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Potluck of the Draw

The fourth station is a new one for everyone. Justin is upset to end up at the microwave station, when he had a good thing going before. Carlos lands at Nina and Travis's French station, calling it "very salty," and trying to fix it by adding cucumbers. This station is the final station, much to Justin's horror, as he ends up with a gross microwave salad.

Justin is up first, and he openly admits that he threw away a lot of the stuff happening. He made a cucumber salad with marinated tofu. Travis ends with an "Asian-inspired" steak and potatoes. Sara gets trout, Brian had duck and mussels with a clear direction, Patty presents some pork that Louis started and wanted to take credit for.

Nina winds up with a liver and a weird sauce. Stephanie has clams, Carlos presents the French dish from Nina and Travis. Shirley dressed up a shrimp that Patty prepped wrong. Louis offers some frog legs that went wrong. This challenge might have been "fun" but it's complete bullshit. No one should win for the dish they presented.

Kermit's least favorites are the frog legs Louis ended up with and the tofu Justin ended up with. Carlos gets credit for Nina's fish, and Brian gets Sara's duck. Patty's pork also goes over well. In the end, Brian wins for doing the most with what he found, and Sara is jealous.

Another loose metaphor presents the Elimination Challenge: just like musicians have to work together to make music, chefs must work together to make food. Yeah … anyway, the challenge is to create a "potluck-style" menu to serve at Kermit's restaurant for some of the best musicians in New Orleans. The chefs are allowed to pick their own "band members."

The blue team is Louis, Shirley, Sara and Justin. The green team is Nina, Carlos, Carrie and Stephanie. The gray team is Travis, Patty and Brian with maybe Nicholas if he isn't Strepping too badly. Travis is put out about this, of course. Kermit invites everyone out to hear some jazz and taste whatever he throws on the barbeque that night.

In the car, the teams brainstorm their menus and their ideas of whatever "potluck" means. Does it have to be cohesive? No one is sure. The gray team talks to Nick on the phone, who wonders if it's "picnic potluck" or "fancy dinner at your friend's house potluck." At least Nick seems to have a grasp on the terminology. Is the theme just … anything?

Travis is upset that he has to order food for Nick, who is telling him what he wants over the phone. Travis doesn't like helping his band members. After shopping, the chefs get ready to go out to the club. Nick gets ready to enjoy a nice game of Solitaire. He does not know that there will be people dancing with dogs at this club.

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