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Potluck of the Draw

The next day, the physician comes in and tells Nick to stay hydrated but that he's good to cook. All 12 chefs return to the kitchen to figure out how they will define "potluck" alongside "menu." Sara says potlucks are comforting foods and a little indulgent. Someone should make a casserole, I guess. The blue team is going with big, bold flavors.

"Nicholas has decided to take on a lot of the prep list, which might not be the best idea but I have immunity so I'm not too worried about it," Brian says, not meaning any of that in relation to health and wellness. People are also wondering about Nick's "performance-enhancing drugs" that he got for his Strep.

The green team is making some fun, homey foods, including a microwave sponge cake. Someone points out that Nina is doing gnocchi again. Stephanie is working on artichokes, which she loves. Shirley is bossing everyone around because her voice cuts through the air the best.

The chefs take their food over to Kermit's restaurant to finish their dishes in 30 minutes. In the dining room, Kermit Ruffin is joined by a lot of big names in jazz that I would not recognize. They talk like musicians, with that frenetic excitement about specific moments, and lots of loud, active listening.

The blue team serves first, presenting Justin's hominy grits, Louis's grilled and pickled vegetables and Shirley and Sara's glazed beef. The grits are OK, with lots of butter, but the jazz musicians want even more seasoning. The pickled vegetables are good, and so is the beef. It's going well for the blue team, then all of a sudden Kermit starts playing the drums. It's only for a minute, though. What a kooky guy.

The musicians have some beer, then the gray team comes out. Brian and Travis did a fried chicken, Patty did a tomato watermelon salad, Nicholas created a barramundi fricassee, and Brian and Travis also made caramel glazed ribs. The musicians have beer, so they should like these dishes even more. But they say the fish is bland, the ribs taste burnt, and the watermelon was prepped wrong. It does not look good for Team Strep Throat.

The green team serves last, and their dishes probably look the best. Stephanie made a fried baby artichoke, Nina made gnocchetti, and Carrie and Carlos crafted a tiramisu. A giant tiramisu. These three dishes go over nicely, but the New Orleans natives are wishing this potluck were a bit heavier. The best part of the service is Tom trying to talk "jazz" with one of the musicians, saying they need to pick "who had the best set and who had the worst set." The silence after he tried that was just long enough.

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