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Potluck of the Draw

"When you mix food and music, you never know what can happen," Tom says weakly at Judges' Table. Aww, he's tired. They agree that they liked lots of things. The green team did well, and Nicholas watches the monitor skeptically. The blue team did well, but Shirley looks like she's about to collapse. The gray team had tasty grits but most of their food was bland and poorly prepped. Send sicko home! No one knows who is on top or who is on the bottom, really.

Padma calls the gray team up first, and the chefs clap for them tentatively. Nicholas walks in confident, but I know from the dining room conversations that Padma is changing her tune. Because jazz. The other teams analyze the way Padma said, "we'd like to see the gray team."

Tom breaks the news to the gray team that while there were some nice dishes on their menu, there were also some clunkers and they did not win tonight. Nicholas's smug grin is wiped clean off. Travis blames Nicholas for the menu concept. Nick accidentally gives Brian credit for the things that went well and takes credit for the over-cooked fish. Patty's salad also sucked and was too bland. The chilis did not make it to the plate, either, and that was clearly missing. They are excused.

"Congratulations, green team," Brian says, bitterly sending them in to see the judges. The dishes were all great. Stephanie's artichoke dish was a hit, as was Nina's gnocchi. The win goes to Stephanie, just barely over Nina and her gnocchi. Stephanie admits she has not won anything since "Most Improved" in high school basketball.

Back to the gray team and their loss, even though Travis's ribs had a bit too much rub, Nicholas's fish was dry and bland, while Patty's watermelon dish was cut poorly and also bland. The team faces the judges again, and Patty is already teary-eyed. She had every reason to be, as Patty is the one sent home. I wish she had thrown Nick under the bus a bit more, because he cut those watermelon. Hilariously, 100% of voting viewers think Janine will beat Patty in Last Chance Kitchen.

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