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I always love the opening dramatic shot of an empty Judges' Table, especially since this time one of the chairs (Padma's) isn't pushed all the way in. That is so like Padma to leave her chair out! She probably normally has an assistant who goes around pushing her chair in for her. No manners, that one. Anyway, Mike, Blais, and Antonia talk about how Tiffany was sweet and awesome and accomplished, but Mike is sure that the best competitors are left. Every time he includes himself with Blais and Antonia (and the Voltaggios), I die a little inside. But I'm starting to see his point. Even if I think he's an asshole who cooks boring food, obviously the judges see something else. And he has won a lot of recent challenges. He's not just coasting, as I feel he did in his first season, since they came to the Bahamas. It is annoying that he flew under the radar until he made it there, and then sees fit to bash everyone else, but he's...kind of earned it? I still hate him, though. Blais points out that Mike has won two challenges throughout both of his seasons, and Blais has won eight. I kind of love that. I don't know why Blais's cockiness doesn't bother me, or only bothers me when he's putting down the ladies. I guess because he has shown that he has the goods to back it up, at least more so than Mike has. Antonia interviews that the boys are expecting to dominate, but it's not going to happen. Is that a promise, Ms. Antonia?

The next day, the final three enter the kitchen and find Padma standing there with Wolfgang Puck. And it's time for the final Quickfire. Padma explains that they've chosen seven classic Quickfires from the past eight seasons, but the twist is that they will get to assign the challenge to one another. Since Mike won the last Challenge (urp!), he gets to go first, and he assigns Antonia to do the "only canned and dried foods" task. Does that include dried herbs? Antonia interviews that it's the hardest challenge on the table, and she kind of wants to kill Mike, paisan or no. Antonia makes Blais do the hot dog challenge, where he has to make a hot dog. I know the title threw you there, so I thought I'd include the details of the task. Blais, in a Herculean reach, assumes that since Wolfgang Puck is from Austria, he loves hotdogs. As if the American hot dog is anything like a Germanic sausagefest. Blais gives Mike the one pot challenge, because he has observed that Mike uses a lot of pans. Antonia interviews that this was really dumb, because now Mike doesn't have the ingredient limitations that the others have. Indeed, Mike is grinning like a fool. No, he might be an actual fool. Blais has super dark circles under his eyes. I am concerned about his mental state.

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