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For no apparent reason, Ed is wearing Tiffany's dress and just wandering around the condo. I think they are all losing it. It's a very nice yellow dress and other than his lack of bosoms, he looks pretty good in it. Everyone is just dying laughing and Ed plays it totally deadpan like, "Yes, I am wearing a dress. WHAT OF IT?" Ed just won some points in my book. Amanda suggests that Ed might be wearing Tiffany's underwear as well.

And, it's time for Kelly to take another potshot at Amanda. Kelly REALLY hates her. I think it's personal. I think there might be some jealousy involved. Anyway, Kelly is like, "No one knows why Amanda is still here and she sucks." Angelo details how much he's having a nervous breakdown by telling us about a room he had as a kid where he put up photos of all the four-star chefs. Come on. What kid does that? When he says "kid," does he mean twenty-year-old? Amanda has a good giggle in an interview about how Angelo reads Tony Robbins books and recites mantras to himself like, "You're gonna win!" That little interview actually made me like Amanda for a second. Because we could bond over how much of a tool Angelo is.

The cheftestants enter the kitchen to find Padma waiting there with Rick Moonen. So they all think the challenge is going to be something to do with seafood, since that's his shtick. Padma reminds them that there are only six people left. Then she starts spouting out various idioms like "big cheese" and "flash in the pan," and the cheftestants all look at her like, "Did Padma burst a blood vessel? Why is she talking like that?"

Padma introduces the Elimination Challenge, which is to create a dish based on a food idiom. Kelly interviews that some of the idioms are "a little risqué" like "Hide the salami." Heh. I bet Alex would have chosen that one. Padma explains that the winning dish will go onto the menu at Schwan's, a frozen food provider. I remember all of our neighbors used to get visits from the Schwan's truck, and we never did. Probably because my mom didn't think we needed any overpriced frozen crap. But at the time, I felt very deprived that we didn't have any French bread pizzas in the freezer.

The cheftestants choose their idioms. Kevin goes first, and picks, "Bring home the bacon." Amanda takes "the big cheese." Kelly selects "sour grapes," and Ed takes "hot potato." Tiffany takes her time and finally picks "spill the beans" and Angelo takes "bigger fish to fry." And then time starts and they have an hour to cook.

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