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Amanda explains that she's going to make mac and cheese and she thinks most frozen mac and cheese is "lackluster." Well, no frozen dish is ever going to be as good as homemade, especially one that's been designed to sit in a freezer for God knows how long. Right? So you'd think she would use some sort of exotic cheese or something, to make it a gourmet version of mac and cheese, which I feel like has been done a million times on this show. Ed interviews that Amanda is "annoying" and "a slob" and "has no technique." Damn, Ed. Angelo interviews that he thinks Amanda is a threat. A threat to his relationship, maybe. Because Angelo likes the younger ladies. I don't think Amanda is a threat to win the competition, not at this point. She could make it another round or so, but she's not going to win.

Tiffany explains that she couldn't use dried beans, because they take too long to cook, so she's using canned beans and needs to develop flavor. Kelly interviews that her strong point is organization while some of the others seem really disorganized. Which is why she hates Amanda, who is not at all organized, I guess. I am organized when I cook, but if the food tastes good, who cares? Angelo is still totally losing it, talking to himself while he cooks. Kevin just writes it off as eccentric. Meanwhile, Kevin has taken over Kenny's "why make one dish when I could make three" title, and it doing bacon three ways. Amanda tells us that Ed is going nuts, and in fact, Ed is sprinting around the kitchen, red-faced and sweating.

Time's up and it's time to taste the food. Ed is up first with "hot potato," and he made herb and roasted garlic gnocchi, spring vegetables, and mushroom fricassee. Padma calls it a "lovely Spring dish." Then Tiffany serves her dish inspired by the phrase "spill the beans," which is pan-seared cod over stewed beans, Swiss chard, carrots and bacon. It looks delicious, and she admits that she used canned beans.

Kevin's phrase was "bring home the bacon" and he made bacon three ways: bacon puree, chopped bacon, and bacon froth with a poached egg. Angelo points out via interview that Kevin's dish can't be frozen so it doesn't really fit the challenge. Well, they didn't say that you HAD to take that into consideration; it was just the reward. I'm sure that if Kevin truly had the best dish, they would figure out a way to rework it so that it made sense. Kelly had "sour grapes," and she made pan-roasted chicken breast, caramelized Brussels sprouts leaves and red grape sauce. Moonen calls it "interesting."

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