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Buy Me Some Peanuts and…Tuna Tartare?

Shopping. Ed explains that he's a Red Sox fan, being from Boston. Booo! The enemy. Ed is thus familiar with "ballpark flavors" and hopes to incorporate them in his dish. Angelo is trying to make dim sum, which is steamed rolls with pork stuffed inside. The problem is that he can't find the proper types of rolls and I guess doesn't know how to make them? You'd think after getting dinged for using frozen pastry last week, he'd learn to make it himself or do something different. Anyway, he ends up picking hot dog buns, which probably are appropriately "ballpark" but maybe not so great, flavor-wise.

Amanda interviews that you can get anything at a ballpark these days, so she's going to make a tuna tartare, so that she can make a statement. Except it seems like the challenge was to make a fine dining version of traditional ballpark food, not just make any fancy food you want and serve it in a ballpark. Right? Kevin is making a chicken skewer, which he thinks is approachable and something that people are familiar with, so he thinks it will work in a ballpark.

They return to the kitchen and have three hours to prep. Angelo realizes that his pork needs two-and-a-half hours to braise, so he needs to hurry. Tiffany talks about a stand at the State Fair that serves Italian sausages with peppers. I bet in Texas, it doesn't compare to Gianelli Sausage at the New York State Fair. I'm just saying. Anyway, that is the inspiration for her dish.

Amanda decides that she has to tartare her tuna that night, meaning she needs to cut the tuna into smaller pieces. She's quite reasonably concerned about having to prepare the tuna on the day of serving, in an unfamiliar kitchen, when she doesn't know what equipment will be available. Could she possibly bring the meat grinder with her? I don't know the rules about equipment. Anyway, I get her point, but it also seems like a bad idea to grind any flesh that far in advance. She asks Angelo's advice, which is the kiss of death, as Kevin points out in an interview. Anyone who takes Angelo's advice seems to get eliminated that week. Coincidence?

Time is running low and Ed and Angelo are both running around like crazy people. Ed points out that he's making these fritters, and each customer gets three pieces, so he has to make five hundred of them. And he is FREAKING OUT. Ed does not usually seem this frazzled. He even yells at Tiffany when she doesn't hear the question he asked her, though he seems to immediately pull back when he realizes that he yelled. He also talks to himself to keep himself going. Ed is just running back and forth with trays and wrap, but he does finish on time.

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