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That night at the house, since they are working as a team, they decide to discuss the logistics of the next day. Kelly asks if they are going to have to take orders, or just put dishes out. It does seem kind of silly to take orders when the food is free, right? It just adds an unnecessarily complicated layer. But it also creates intra-team drama, so I'm sure the producers love it. Kelly says that she can't take orders, because she's going to be cooking a la minute. No one really wants to take orders, since it means giving up control of your dish. Finally, Angelo says that he'll take orders if it's needed, and everyone agrees.

They arrive at the ballpark on the day of the elimination. It's a new park and looks amazing. I would love to visit. Once they arrive, they have one hour to prep and cook. Kelly interviews that there isn't a lot of room, and they need to be organized and efficient. Angelo starts putting his food together and realized that he can't plate and take orders at the same time. He tells the others that they need to talk about it, but everyone pretends that they can't hear him or are too busy to talk, because they don't want to change anything about the setup. And honestly, I don't know why Angelo can't stuff his buns with pork and put them in a warming tray or something. And couldn't he plate the ones for the judges himself? It does seem like he has the dish that could most easily be left alone.

Angelo's solution to the problem is to assume that each person will take their own orders, so he starts passing out order pads to everyone. Kevin stops him and says that won't work. He points out in an interview that no restaurant works that way. Angelo tells Kevin to chill out, and Kevin says he doesn't have to. So these are professionals and grown-ups? Talking this way? The space is tight though, as we see Kevin, Kelly, and Tiffany shoulder-to-shoulder trying to cook food on a flat top. Angelo tells Kevin that he's "the bad boy of the show" (META!) and Kevin disagrees. Everyone else just ignores them. Kevin's theory is basically, "No takebacks" and Angelo's is "Be flexible." Finally, Angelo and Kevin ask for alternative ideas, and Ed says that he can plate Angelo's food for him. Everything else seems to fall into place at that point. Angelo says he wants to show Ed how to plate it and Ed goes, "I've decided I don't want to do it anymore." Angelo panics for a second and then realizes Ed is joking. Ed is so much like guys I grew up with, it scares me.

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