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Buy Me Some Peanuts and…Tuna Tartare?

Tom Colicchio shows up with some Nationals players: Adam Dunn, Matt Capps, and John Lannan. The ladies talk about how cute they are. The guys walk around the kitchen and look at stuff. That was not useful at all, but probably part of the agreement with the Nationals' publicity department to get to use the stadium.

Time winds down and Angelo is going over each person's dish since he's going to be taking orders. Kelly admits that her bacon is kind of thickly cut, and she's a little worried that the resulting dish might be too salty. She doesn't really have the ability to change it up now, so she's going with it. Amanda notices that her tuna is turning gray as it oxidizes. It's like when you have any ground meat, but I've especially noticed it with ground beef. It's nice and pink or red when you buy it fresh in the store, but once you get it home, it starts turning gray, because no matter how tightly it's wrapped, some oxygen gets in. It doesn't really affect the flavor, and it's still safe to eat; it just looks unappealing. Angelo interviews that he doesn't think it's his fault because Amanda should have known to put oil on the tuna to keep it from oxidizing. Should she have? Probably. Could he have mentioned that when he was telling her how to grind it? Definitely. And oof, that tuna does not look good.

Kevin asks Tiffany to taste his dish. She does and tells him honestly that it needs salt. She interviews that she doesn't want anyone going home because she wasn't honest. So that's why Tiffany is the hero and Angelo is the zero. Everyone gets more and more tense as the guests come closer. Kevin interviews that he knows that Angelo is pissed but he shouldn't have said he would do it if he didn't want to.

All of the guests seems to show up at once so it's a bit chaotic. It seems like everyone is ordering either crab cakes (Kelly's dish) or meatballs (Tiffany's dish). Those two are excited that their dishes are popular. The baseball players come back and they try one of each dish. They kind of like everything. Well, one dude doesn't like Ed's fritters. Kevin seems disappointed that his chicken didn't go over well. I think what happened is that when food is free, people are willing to branch out a bit, so they'll go for something new, but not TOO new (which is why they didn't pick Amanda or Ed's dishes). But who wants to pay for chicken when they get the chance to try a crabcake or a sausage meatball? They can make chicken skewers at home. If they were paying, they might go with the familiar, since they want to buy something they know they can eat. Just a theory.

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