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Buy Me Some Peanuts and…Tuna Tartare?

The judges conclude that everyone did a good job today, especially given how many people they had to serve. But it was a team effort, so they are going to talk to everyone.

Weird interstitial. Angelo has some sort of sketchy Russian mail order bride, and if he wins, he's going to use the money to bring her to the US and get her a visa. Because if you have more money, you can bribe people? I don't really get his rationale, but maybe he knows things I don't about the immigration process.

Back in the Stew Room, they all talk about how they are still nervous waiting there. Padma comes in and asks all of them to come out to Judges' Table. This should be interesting. They start out talking about how Angelo ended up running the orders. Angelo says that they talked about it and he stepped up. Tiffany interrupts to say that's not exactly how it went. She explains that Angelo stepped up first, but then took it back and asked everyone to do their own. Angelo says that he panicked and thought that he needed to change things up. Kevin points out that Angelo shouldn't have stepped up the night before if he didn't know what the setup would be like and might potentially change his mind. The judges are kind of over this non-controversy, since it all worked out and the food got served up just fine. Moving on.

Ed is told that they liked his dish because the center stayed creamy and hot, and the sauce was spicy. Overall the dish was easy to eat and not messy. Tom segues that Tiffany's dish was NOT easy to eat, but it was still good. Tiffany laughs that when she eats a burger, if juice doesn't come out, it's not worth it. Rick agrees with her, and says that the dish was worth wrestling with. Rick is the guest judge, so he announces that Ed is the winner. Ed is psyched to win, especially since he doubted his dish while making it. Padma tells him that he also wins a trip to Australia, and Ed is even more happy. So Tiffany and Ed are excused so the judges can talk to the rest of them.

They start with Amanda. Tom likes that she tried to do something different, and he thought the vegetables were good, but she knows that the tartare was gray. Amanda explains her rationale. When Tom asks, Kevin says that he wouldn't have done tartare at all, but if he did, he wouldn't have done it the day before. Amanda was worried about being in the weeds, but Tom says sometimes it's worth it to produce a better dish. They move on to Kevin. Rick thinks his marinade didn't come through, and Eric points out the problems with the skewer. Kevin explains that he was trying to make it so that everyone was in one bite, but Tom says it wasn't necessary and Kevin agrees that it didn't work. The judges tell Kelly that her dish needed some sort of crunch, and Ripert suggests that she should have sliced her bacon thinner, because it was too thick. And finally, Angelo's pork was cooked well, but the flavor was masked by the giant piece of bread. Tom says that someone who owns a sandwich shop should know the importance of bread to ingredients ratio. Padma says that aside from the bread, there was too much sugar. The cheftestants are excused so that the judges can deliberate.

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