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Buy Me Some Peanuts and…Tuna Tartare?

The judges discuss Kevin's dish first. He had two sauces that were very similar, and they think he should have just done one and done it well. Ripert was worried that he was going to impale his throat, and Tom really hated the plating. Talking about Amanda, Tom doesn't know why she didn't cut the tuna by hand, but he liked her vegetables and that she did something different. Tom wonders why Angelo didn't taste his food, realize it was too sweet, and fix it. And Ripert can't stop talking about how the bread sucked all the flavor out of the filling. And finally Kelly's dish was a BLT, but Tom says that the bacon wasn't good, the lettuce wasn't crisp, and the tomato was a bland jam.

So who's going home? The bottom four are brought back out to hear the verdict. Tom tells everyone what went wrong. Kelly is told that her dish didn't come together, Amanda cut the tuna too early, Kevin had soggy fries, and Angelo's dish was too sweet and too soggy. So who is the loser? Amanda. God, FINALLY. Now there is actually some suspense left, because any one of these people could win the whole thing. In her exit interview, Amanda thinks that she battled it out to make it as far as she did. She surprised herself (me too!) and she will always remember this experience. I wonder if she will be mad when she sees what the others were saying about her in their interviews. We'll find out in a few weeks at the reunion!

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