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Sara's Told To Cheese Off

Moving on to Sara, Colicchio asks if she got enough Jamaican flavors in the dish. Sara said she didn't want the thyme, peppers, and allspice to overpower the dish. Padma points out that Dorothy Hamilton thought the chicken was rubbery, but Gail found her chicken to be "almost raw." Gail dramatically recounts, "Chef Jacques Torres turned to me and said, 'You shouldn't eat your chicken -- it's still very pink in the center.' And it really was." Sara says she sliced the chicken herself and checked every single piece. Chef Soltner tells Gail, "I saw yours and it was undercooked." Gail turns to Sara and shrugs her, "See?" Sara apologizes, shaking her head. Padma wonders if Brian was worried about his sausage overpowering the chicken. Brian was worried about it but says he "got a lot of chicken in there." Colicchio says, "It was a good dish -- do you think it was refined enough to win?" "Uh, yes, sir. 'Fabulous' is the word we [all four of the Brians] were going for and that was flavor -- it wasn't about just putting dots on the plate, it was about making just a fabulous dish." Finally, we come to Dale, who admits he forgot the sauce. Colicchio tells him that duets are problematic because they can fight with one another. Dale acknowledges, "The duet was a stupid idea." The cheftestants are sent away.

In the back, Sara insists, "That chicken was not fucking raw because I cut every single one -- I don't know what the fuck she's talking about." Dale and Hung comment that any dish can get nitpicked.

The judges re-discuss all the dishes. Gail's favorite was Casey's, Padma's favorite was Brian's, but Chef Soltner says that if he were to hire someone, it would be Hung. Colicchio goes over how Dale and Sara failed, and the cheftestants are finally brought back in. Chef Soltner, as the guest chef, gets to announce the winner, and he names Hung. Hung is thrilled. Padma tells him he's going to the finale and adds that Casey and Brian are going as well. Those three are excused and celebrate loudly with each other in the back.

After the commercials, Colicchio wants to know what drives Dale and Sara as chefs. Dale goes on about how cooking is love: "You can taste it when the chef has not had their heart broken and you know who got laid last night." Ewwww, you do? How do you -- actually, no, I really don't want to know. Really, really, really don't want to know that. Dale adds, "That's how I cook -- I'm the first one to notice my faults because I don't want to give them to you." Huh? Sara says, "Everything about food drives me. Everything -- the beauty of food, the flavors, the textures -- it drives me. It encompasses my whole life!" Colicchio says, "Eleven competitions -- this is the first I'm hearing this." YOU'VE NEVER ASKED BEFORE! Sara says she's reserved but she just gets the job done.

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