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Sara's Told To Cheese Off

Colicchio launches into his ReCrap of both dishes and says they both missed the mark for very different reasons. Padma looks at them sadly and says, "Dale..." REEEREEREEREE! Misdirection Alert! Misdirection Alert! "You're going on to the finale, [Dale bows his head to her] and Sara? Please pack your knives and go." Sara, choked up, thanks them all and hugs Dale. Sara tells us that she didn't dot her "i"s and cross her "t"s. In the back, Sara gets hugs. Sara tells us, "I had a good ride -- I made it to the top five. I'm happy." And then she starts to cry. Not sign of a happy person. "Of course, I'm just going to miss my friends," Sara says. And the $10,000. The cheftestants break out the Champagne as Brian hugs her. Sara picks up her stuff and leaves. She tells us that she's going to make her cheese somewhere in the world. After Sara is gone, the Final Four can celebrate properly. Casey says she's surrounded by very talented chefs and notes that, "All of us have, at one point or another, been on top or on bottom." And Dale has been a top. Brian tells us he's going to have to come with a lot of "mojo" to win the game, and for that? I can't fucking wait. Hung says he still has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

Next week: Aspen! And Eric Ripert! And fishing! Dude, and Colicchio tells someone, "We don't see you in food at all," which I'm sorry, but to say that to a Final Four competitor? It's sort of like, if that's how you really feel, why did you bring them to the Final Four?

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