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The next day, the contestants start prepping in their outdoor kitchen. Oh, by the way, Nicholas is also using pork in his dish. So much goddamn stuff. Tom stops by to check in on the chefs and prove that a chef coat can still be douchey. What is with that stripe down the back? It's like, a casual not-really-cooking-today-chef-on-vacation coat? Is it mesh for sweat? Yes, it is, but couldn't it be white? Anyway, everyone is tense and anxious, especially after Tom announces the winner of this challenge will have an advantage in the two-person finale.

It starts raining, which is Mother Nature proving that Tom Colicchio is not the only asshole in this kitchen. They struggle to cover their food and fryers. Maybe it will add some much-needed salt to Nick's food. The rain clears up as quickly as it came, having had a minimal effect on the dishes. Time runs out as the diners arrive. Padma shows up in a tight, yet flowing floral dress and if you didn't want to kill yourself to be reincarnated as some version of her in a next life before …

Louis plates for the judges first. He created some grilled opah with sweet potato and coconut sauce. He feels confident that his dish is good and he took the biggest risk. One of the other food-famous judges credits Sam Choy for making opah famous. Shut up and eat your food, white man. Chef Choy says the fish was cooked perfectly and they note that the dishes are a little inconsistent but the sweet potatoes are unique.

Nina's next, with her grilled opah with taro root and coconut purée. Maybe they'll have less to say about opah this time. They like the way the dish looks and it's perfectly cooked. The sauce might be almost too spicy, but Nina's opah is superior to Louis's.

Nicholas made opakapaka just because it's fun to say, along with jalapeño and crispy chicken skin and a crazy pork jous. The judges think that it's a successful dish with all the components coming together nicely. They mostly think the jalapeño is good, but that white guy whose name I didn't bother to catch thinks it's "a little much." Tom shushed him almost immediately.

Shirley is up last, presenting a honey-glazed pork with sweet potato and turmeric. She is worried it will be too sweet because she had to toss some of her ingredients due to rain. Gail appreciates that Shirley chose to cook meat. They really like the dish, but it is very sweet. But Sweet Maui Onion is a good kind of chip, so who knows if that's a bad thing. So Louis is almost certainly out, but who will go with him?

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