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Vegetables and Off-Color Jokes

Robin starts out by taking a dig at Mike by saying that she always serves protein, then talks about all the things she did that she had never done before, and then she just rants and raves about a million miles per hour. Tom tells her that she's all over the map and her dish never gelled. Gail thought her sauce was too strong and Tom asks what happened to the garbanzo beans. Robin has no excuse.

Padma tells Jen that she didn't see two hours of prep on Jen's plate, and Tom adds that it felt like a side dish. Jen tries to joke about it, but has to admit how nervous she was while doing the sauce, and apologizes for getting it all over the place. Luckily, it comes off as endearing more than creepy or unprofessional. Tom points out that Jen's performance has started to really suffer of late, and Jen says (but not that strongly) that she hopes to return another day and prove her worth.

Back in the Stew Room, Mike offers up more platitudes like "Whatever, whatever" and "it is what it is." Robin points out that even a small mistake can be fatal at this point. The judges talk about how real-world this challenge was. Padma is disappointed in Jen, with her experience, serving up a garnish as a dish, and Natalie is surprised at how defeatist Jen was when they talked. Tom thinks Jen is starting to fall apart. They move on to Mike, and Tom says that leeks aren't that hard to cook. Gail points out that Mike seemed arrogant and didn't seem to feel that he could possibly go home, when actually, it's a very real possibility. Natalie adds that not only were the leeks bad, but the rest of the dish was not great. Back in the Stew Room, Mike continues to make lame excuses to everyone else.

When discussing Robin's dish, Padma says that there was no overall concept. Tom thinks she just got excited about all of the elements but didn't think about how they would all fit together. Natalie is surprised that Robin decided to try two things for the first time during competition, and the other judges agree.

The judges call the bottom three back in to face the music. Tom says that the cheftestants got a curveball with Natalie being a vegetarian. They still can't understand why Mike couldn't cook leeks in two hours. Robin's dish was unbalanced. Jen is falling apart, and served up a garnish as an entrée. Padma finally tells Mike I. to pack his knives and go. I'm okay with that, because I haven't liked that dude since day one and I don't think he's nearly as good as he thinks he is. Plus, he's never going to beat out the brothers and Kevin anyway, so whether he goes home this week or next, as he would say, "Whatever, whatever."

In his exit interview, Mike says that Robin should have gone home before him, and then he claims that he would send himself home if he were on the bottom. Wait, wasn't he in the bottom early on? Robin interviews that things will be less ugly in the house without Mike there anyway. If Robin doesn't go home next week, I don't know what.

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