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Padma asks each of them to explain why they should stay. Ariane is sure that she has more to give. Patrick knows he's young, but he has passion about food and he wants to share that with the world. Ariane and Patrick are dismissed and have to go wait while the judges deliberate.

Padma asks who should go. They agree that Patrick is really young, and have a chuckle over the fact that he seemed to think you could just plop bok choy and noodles on the plate and call it Chinese food. Gail feels like he couldn't handle doing something original on the fly. Gail wonders why Ariane's experience didn't help her out. Jean-Georges thinks the farro, if it were cooked, would have saved the dish. Tom disagrees, because he's concerned about her basic cooking skills. But a decision has been made.

Ariane and Patrick are called back out. Tom thinks it's exciting that these two are competing despite their varying levels of experience. He thinks Ariane was inspired, but her technique was poor. Patrick executed well but had no inspiration. So Padma tells Patrick to pack his knives and go. Patrick is gracious, and the judges tell him that he has many years in front of him. They also urge Ariane to step up her game. Patrick and Ariane return to the back room and tell the others that Patrick is going home. Everyone hugs Patrick. Richard goes last, and Patrick leaps up into his arms. Aw. Patrick vows to graduate from school and become a top chef one day.

So there's your first episode! There are a lot of cheftestants to keep track of, and there are still a few that kind of blur together for me (Jill, Melissa, Leah), but I think it's a good sign that no one seems totally unqualified to be there.

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