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Richard and Jamie are up next, with their Greek food. Richard confesses in an interview that he thinks Tom Colicchio is dreamy. Aw. They would be a cute couple. Richard made lamb sliders with an orzo-feta salad. He doesn't mention what kind of bread he used for the sliders, but it's definitely not pitas. It looks like a roll of some sort. Jamie made eggplant puree with seared bass and "a deconstructed Greek salad" that used a lot of the olives she selected. The judges feel that Richard overcooked his lamb and dried it out, although they agree that both dishes were otherwise good. Jamie gets the win.

Radhika and Jill present their Jamaican cuisine. Jill created macadamia-crusted plantain fritters and jerk-spiced scallops and even used three different sauces to create a Rastafarian theme on her plate. Radhika did a jerk-rubbed halibut on three bean rice with a mango salad. Her dish looks kind of gray overall and really needs more color. Who wants to eat gray food? Gail doesn't like the texture of Radhika's dish, as it's all kind of mushy and needs more crunch or variety. Jean-Georges agrees, and he thinks Jill's scallops were a little overdone. Despite that, it was overall a better dish and Jill wins.

Jeff and Fabio are up to serve their Latin cuisine. Fabio has to read his dish description because his English is not good. He cooked a mango and jalapeno demi-glace pork chop with mushroom and avocado salad. The salad is inside the avocado, and the mushrooms are on top. He added the mushrooms for an "Italian twist." I don't think of mushrooms as particularly Italian, but he's the one from Italy, so I guess I should take his word for it. Jeff seared pork tenderloin in Cuban coffee, and served it with smoked plantain with saffron, sherry vinegar, black beans, and rice. Tom points out that the side dish wasn't plated well, and Jeff admits that he ran out of time. Jean-Georges thought Fabio's dish needed more salt, and Tom adds that he did a great job with his knife work on the avocado, but then covered it with the mushrooms. Everyone but Tom prefers Jeff's dish.

Hosea and Carla serve their Russian food. Hosea did a smoked fish trio: smoked salmon with caviar, smoked trout with apple chutney, and smoked turbot. Carla created a smoked trout and salmon cake served with potato latkes, sour cream and caviar. There's a salad on the plate that she doesn't mention, which looks like a slaw of some sort. Jean-Georges and Gail aren't crazy about the salad. Everyone agrees that Hosea's dish is more elegant while managing to give a sense of his style. Pretty impressive considering that he was unfamiliar with Russian food. Hosea wins.

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