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Tears of Joy
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The cheftestants sit around outside, after the Pee-wee competition, and discuss which cheftestant they think will be returning from Last Chance Kitchen. They know it's either Grayson or Beverly. Ed says it'll be Beverly, and Sarah wonders why he would say such a horrible thing. They bet a pack of cigarettes and a banana on it. I don't know. They've been drinking. I'm sure it made sense at the time.

The next morning, they report to the kitchen and Tom and Padma are standing there, waiting. And they're also about to find out which cheftestant will be returning. Ed admits that he doesn't want anyone to return. Of course. That's just one more person you have to beat. After prolonging the torture for a while, Beverly walks in. Sarah looks PISSED. I don't get why she cares. They aren't going to have team challenges at this point, and if Bev is so terrible as a chef, you'd think Sarah would be happy to have someone she knows she can beat. So either Sarah thinks Bev is a decent chef, or Sarah is just an asshole. Or possibly both. So then Tom tries to pretend like they didn't rig the whole thing so that Beverly could beat Nyesha and make it dramatic, since no one would care if Nyesha came back. Ugh.

Upon Padma's instructions, the cheftestants find that they've each been given a blindfold. They have to wear it and pick out their ingredients from the pantry. But they get to see while they cook, because that would be really unsafe. And they're saving that challenge for next season. Padma explains what they could win: a choice between a new car or a guaranteed spot in the finals. If they take the car, they obviously still have to cook in the Elimination Challenge, but if they take the finals spot, they get to sit it out. What dummy would take the car? Lindsay says some nonsense about how some people might think you didn't earn your spot in the finals if you take immunity. Well, fuck those people. You're in the finals. Did Beverly earn her potential spot in the finals? She didn't participate in the last Elimination Challenge. I hope whoever wins takes the car and then gets eliminated. Enjoy your car, loser.

Everyone dons a blindfold and tries to find the pantry. Ed immediately heads to the baskets of produce. Lindsay is looking for the seafood, and she finds a whole fish. I don't know how she knows it's a whole fish, since it's sealed in plastic, but she figures it out. Meanwhile, Bev is in some fridge that just contains water bottles, and she's of course apologizing to the water bottles. Look, if it were someone like Nyesha, who didn't actually compete in that many challenges in this kitchen, I would understand. But Bev has been there a LOT. She's just clueless. Padma actually has to help her get into the pantry, which seems like cheating. Let her wander around out in the Stew Room or whatever.

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