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One Fish, Two Fish

Padma brings Stephanie, Nina, and Brian in first to announce the win. The judges tell Stephanie they were initially skeptical of her fried oyster but she pulled it off. Brian’s sauce is out of this world and cooked really nicely. Nina’s ceviche highlights the wahoo so nicely and brings out a lot of flavor. To my surprise, but not the surprise of the voting viewers, Stephanie wins this challenge. She does not have to wallow in her tomato sorrows with John Besh.

Nicholas, Carrie, and Carlos face the judges next and while I would like to see the Nick/Carlos rivalry end, I think it will be Carrie for turning her fine fish into garbage. Carrie is under fire first, for overworking and hiding her gentle fish. Tom says this isn’t about technique, it’s about highlighting the seafood. Carlos experiences the heat next, for combining nice flavors but only giving them a "kiss of fish" in the dish. Nicholas had a nice complexity but not enough acid and the textures were unappetizing.

This is Carrie’s first time in the bottom, but I don’t remember her shining on the top, either. The judges agree that almost all three dishes hid the fish and were boring. Nicholas whines like a bitch in the stew room.

After re-hashing each dish’s problems and breaking the chefs down, Padma tells Carrie to pack her knives and go. She’s done floundering in the middle, looks like. Padma is really sad, almost teary-eyed, telling Tom she will miss her in the kitchen. Tom callously says that turning fresh seafood into old seafood was "not so smart." What a dick.

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