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The Napa chefs assemble. Let's see, we've got Doug Keane of Cyrus, Cindy Pawlcyn of Mustards, Phillippe Jeanty of Jeanty at Jack's and Bistro Jeanty, and Hiro Sone of Terra and Ame. Niiiice. Harold thinks that Tiffani is in the weeds. A server comes in and politely tells her, "Tiffani? Your service is starting... " She says, "Uh, give me just a minute." She tells us, "It was awesome to be cooking for those chefs and you want those dishes to come out right." Bot makes some stilted toast and we see that Greg Cole of Celadon, James McDevitt of Restaurant Budo, and John Shafer of Shafer Vineyards are there. The camera pans to show us Keith Luce of Press Restaurant and Lissa Doumani of Terra and Ame. Tiffani tells us she just "didn't have the time." Commercials.

Tiffani presents her dish of Rosemary and Thyme Seared Lamb Loin with Cauliflower Purée and Truffle and Foie Gras Stuffed Gnocchi. Okay, I'm hungry. Douglas Keane from Cyrus in a total surfer's voice asks, "What was the dough for the gnocchi?" Tiffani tells him, "Classic potato dough." Lissa Doumani of Terra asks if there was truffle in the gnocchi dough. There was. Tiffani thinks her time management suffered that day, but she stands by her dish. The chefs deliberate. Lissa Doumani thinks that the cauliflower purée and the sauce brought out the acid in the wine instead of bringing out the roundness.

Harold presents next, and he's got a Roasted Lamb Loin with Sunchoke Creamed Spinach, and Sautéed Chanterelles and Truffles. Harold explains that he also used a bit of the wine in the lamb jus. I wonder if he's the only one to use the wine. I mean, to make the wine a better match with the food, all of them should have been introducing the wine in some way, but Harold's the only one to mention it. The chefs like that Harold used sunchokes, and wonder why he decided to use them. Harold explains that he doesn't like to overuse dairy in his cooking because he thinks it sticks to your palate, so puréed vegetables is how he makes things creamy. He experimented around and decided puréed sunchokes did a good thing with his food. Surfer Dude from Cyrus says, "There was some grit on the mushrooms." Oops. Cindy Pawlcyn adds, "Lots." Harold thanks them and leaves. He reports to the kitchen, "They're tough out there." The chefs deliberate and appear to like Harold's dish better than Tiffani's. They think his flavors are cleaner and that the dish, as a whole, works better with the wine.

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