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Truffle Pigs

Lee Anne plates. Tiffani tells us, "I think Lee Anne completely overshot. She had too many ingredients on the plate." As Lee Anne walks out, Colicchio is bashing the fact that they have too many lamb dishes and that one is sure to lose unless the beef dish is a disaster. "Hiiiiiii, Lee Anne," Bot drawls. Colicchio collects himself and his big fat mouth. Lee Anne presents her Pistachio and Truffle-Crusted Lamb Loin with Butternut Squash and Truffle Risotto and Braised Treviso and Forest Mushrooms. There's also a cherry red wine demi-glace. Yikes, I don't like to think how the treviso would react with that big wine. Also, I hate to agree with Tiffani but -- yeah, lots going on there. Cindy Pawlcyn likes the cherry sauce. Lee Anne leaves. Some of the chefs think that Lee Anne's risotto is a "starchy mess."

Dave prepares himself to present. Just don't cry. "Dave's food is never really all that refined," Tiffani tells us. Man, she has a lot to say tonight, doesn't she? "I don't feel like anyone thought he was being an innovator." Dave presents his Truffle and Cognac Cream Macaroni and Cheese with Filet of Beef, Collard Greens, and Radicchio. Again with the bitter greens and this wine. Dave goes on, "It's been such an intense challenge, you know, because I'm such a freak about food and I love sharing. You know, it just was crazy... " Oh, dear god -- SHUT UP, DAVE! "... getting it out and done and pffff, we've been up for the last twenty-whatever days with a bunch of crazy people in the house. The things I taste in the wine, actually, I tasted a bit of chocolate, a bit of cherry, but I didn't want to do a chocolate sauce. I did eat some candy bars when I was drinking it... " Yeah, that's what every winemaker wants to hear. Also, he JUST KEEPS GOING ON! Finally, he leaves. The chefs like it, but Cindy Pawlcyn thinks Dave is "a black pepper monkey." Laughter all around.

In the kitchen, Dave swears and says, "It's like, I'm done, it's over, either way, thank you and goodnight." In the dining room, the chefs re-discuss the dishes. As usual, it's hard to tell what will really happen from these cut-and-pasted remarks. Phillippe Jeanty does sort of take issue with the fact that Harold says he doesn't like to use much dairy in his cooking: "I mean, I'm French, so it's like, what's the point?" Aw, he has a cute, big, red, buttery, French face. The Napa chefs are excused.

In the kitchen, the exhausted cheftestants ponder their existence.

Coming up after the commercial break, Dave will cry.

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