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Truffle Pigs

The cheftestants face the judges. Colicchio tells Harold that while his sunchoke idea was a good one, they are in Julia's Kitchen and she was all about butter and cream. So, if Harold had just left out that little comment about how he doesn't like to use too much dairy, they'd just think the sunchokes were a tasty idea and not berate him? Gail thinks that Harold did put his best food forward, except for the gritty mushrooms. "Yeah, it's no good," Harold agrees. "It's no good," Gail repeats, "and it ruins the experience for a lot of people." Okay, he gets it! Colicchio tells Lee Anne that he loves that she didn't play it safe, but her lamb was slightly overcooked, and her risotto congealed. Gail tells Lee Anne that her dish was really enjoyable but too busy, because it overpowered the two flavors that were supposed to shine: the wine and the truffles. Turning to Tiffani, Gail though her flavors in the gnocchi were great but the dough wasn't. Colicchio tells Tiffani that some of the chefs felt the pairing of the wine and cauliflower fell on its fat face. Tiffani says, "It was fine, to me, in my head. I went back and tasted it again and I very rarely -- like, when I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but on that one I don't think I was wrong." Well, a roomful of chefs better than you thought you were wrong, so what are you gonna do? Gail gives Dave props for the little bit of black truffle on the bottom of the mac and cheese but takes him to task for treating the rest of the dish as an afterthought.

Bot steps in and says there were two clear favorites. Colicchio tells Harold his dish was Colicchio's favorite, and Harold's going to Vegas. Harold is thrilled. Colicchio sighs and turns to Dave, who is already welling up, "Dave, you've really come a long way since we started this." He goes on and on about Dave's flavor layering. "I think you showed that you can take an expensive ingredient and still make it soulful. They all loved it," Colicchio concludes. He's really sort of grudging in his tone. Dave drops his head. "They loved it!" Gail echoes. Colicchio says that Dave was the number one choice of all the chefs and he's going to Vegas. Dave is in tears. He can't talk. Dave and Harold are excused. They go back to the kitchen. Harold congratulates Dave and says, "Happy you're here. You all right?" Dave goes to literally chill out in the in walk-in. "I just want to hit the button, beam me up," Dave says, wine glass in hand. He smacks a button, the walk-in doors slide open, and Dave steps inside. The doors slide shut. I think he's going to Ten-Forward. Dave paces in the walk-in and swears and talks to himself. Harold chortles at this. Dave recovers and comes out. He likes the cold. He's a big, red polar bear. Dave and Harold both hope Lee Anne is joining them.

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