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Judges' Table. "It was a bit of a shocker that Lee Anne and I were together at that table, I think going in, everyone expected Dave to be in the bottom two," Tiffani tells us. No, bitch, you expected that, and you are now embarrassed by the result. How do you like that Karma corn? Colicchio asks Tiffani why she should go to Vegas. She goes on a tear about herself, extolling her virtues -- one of which is humility, I am gleeful to add -- and says that her food has been good and she stands behind it. Same question for Lee Anne. Lee Anne thinks she is very competitive, but she doesn't have to be mean to be competitive. She's been herself the entire way and hasn't had to put anyone down along the way. Lee Anne has learned a lot of good lessons and learned from her mistakes.

After the commercial break, Colicchio says that he enjoyed the both of them. He gives both of them props for their work and their dedication. He clearly loves Tiffani. In the end, Lee Anne is the one to leave. Very sad. In the kitchen, Harold hugs Lee Anne tight and long. Harold sniffles and hugs Lee Anne. They both tell us how sad they are to see her go. Tiffani says, "I have all the respect in the world for you," and hugs her. Lee Anne doesn't look thrilled or comforted by this gesture. "Lee Anne and I have very, very different philosophies. And I get knocked for being somewhat harsh. The thing is, I'm a good person, I'm a nice person, and I don't feel like that's what I came here to prove. I came here to prove that I can cook and that's what I did," Tiffani tells us with her small mouth and her just really big face. Lee Anne wishes them all luck and leaves.

Next week: reunion and Dave cries. Also, bonus, Tiffani wears pink pants and appears to cry and also have a weird-ass freak-out during which she leaves the set. Oh, and remember Ken with the finger issues? He's also back and he and Stephen get into it, and Colicchio literally has to get between them.

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