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The cheftestants are still kind of reeling from the shock and awe of Jen's elimination when they enter the kitchen to find Padma hanging out with David Chang, owner of Momofuku Group. When even this rural Podunk recapper has heard of your restaurants, you've hit the big time, and I've heard of Momofuku. Padma doesn't waste any time getting to the Quickfire Challenge. The cheftestants are split randomly into teams of four based on how they walked in. The teams are:

Fabio, Angelo, Tiffany, and Mike are the green team. Fabio thinks that they've got a strong team because Tiffany and Mike are "really well train-ed" and Angelo's no slouch, even though Fabio thinks he wears his pants too tight. First of all, ha. And second, if an Italian dude thinks your pants are too tight, you might want to take a personal inventory of your wardrobe choices.

Antonia, Jamie, Casey, and Dale L. are the red team, and then Dale T., Carla, Tiffani, and Marcel are the white team. They don't get any commentary, and finally:

Stephen, Tre, Blais, and Spike are the blue team. Spike interviews that Blais is a master and Tre is awesome, and as for Stephen, well, Stephen can open a bottle of wine for them. Seriously, why is Stephen on this season? Could they not get anyone else from the first season?

The challenge is for the team to prep a bunch of lamb, artichokes, and garlic. David Chang will judge to make sure that the ingredients are prepped properly. The first team to finish hits a button that starts a timer counting down from fifteen minutes, and the teams will use that time to prepare a dish using their prepped ingredients. So the twist is that the teams that take the longest to prep will have the shortest amount of time to cook. The winning team doesn't get immunity, but each member will get $5,000. Everyone is pretty psyched about the cash.

Mike explains that he and Angelo started cleaning the racks of lamb. He thinks he has an advantage because he's been cooking Greek food for five years, and has prepped a lot of lamb. Tiffany takes artichokes, and Fabio starts crushing like every garlic clove at once by dropping a cutting board on top. Pretty genius, actually. It's peeled and almost minced in one step. They don't say if the garlic is supposed to be crushed, minced, diced, or what. Just peeled and cut somehow.

For the blue team, Blais and Tre are attacking the lamb, although Tre admits in an interview that his restaurant has butchers so he doesn't often have to prep meat. Stephen is doing garlic and Spike is doing artichokes.

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