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The cheftestants return to find out which two of them are going home. I started to get really worried about Tiffani at this point. Colicchio tells Stephen, "You may have great knowledge of Italian food. I have great knowledge of Led Zeppelin; it doesn't make me Jimmy Page." Oh, SNAP! Tom. Anyway, we've already heard what was wrong with each dish, so let's get on with it. Padma tells Stephen and Dale L. to pack their knives and go. Whew! I liked Dale L., but frankly, I'm just happy to not have to type the initials after each name. Now there is one and only one Dale. No one is sad to see Stephen go, but everyone is sad to see Dale go. Aw. Stephen admits that his cooking skills have atrophied as he has not used them, and the competition was really tough this year. I still kind of wonder why he was even chosen. I mean, he was memorable, but it seems like everyone else was memorable as a good chef, and he wasn't. Dale L. jokes that he'll return for Top Chef Seniors. I can't wait.

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