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For the white team, Dale T. and Marcel are handling the lamb. Marcel won't shut up about how much fun he's having, like less talking and more cleaning, nimrod. He's also really proud that he learned some awesome technique for cleaning lamb that no one else knows, and with the caliber of his competition, I have to wonder if they don't know it or just don't care to use it. Carla is handling artichokes and Tiffani is handling garlic.

For the red team, Antonia and Jamie are handling garlic. They are using a technique similar to Fabio, in that they are pounding the cloves with sauté pans. Dale L. is handling artichokes and Casey is handling lamb. Dale L. reminds us how Casey took FOREVER to dice an onion in her season's relay race, and she is going to kick ass today to try to live that down.

Fabio can't believe that others are peeling one clove of garlic at a time, when he can smash forty at once with his cutting board. He finishes really fast, and David Chang checks his work and proclaims that his team is finished with one ingredient. The other teams start to panic. Spike notices that Stephen is taking forever with his garlic, so he steals Fabio's cutting board technique to help out. Spike also starts chopping the garlic with two knives at once. Meanwhile, Tiffani is using a mandoline on the garlic? How is that even possible? Or advisable? Maybe she thought they would really be judged on the quality of the dice instead of the quantity? I really just can't figure out why she would use a mandoline on tiny garlic cloves. I have a hard enough time using one for thinly-sliced potatoes for a gratin or something.

So then the green team finishes with their lamb and David Chang says it's good, so now they have two ingredients done and no one else has any done. Jamie does finish up the garlic for the red team, but almost immediately, the green team finishes with their artichokes. So now they have all three ingredients finished, and most teams have none. That's quite a lead. They hit the button to start the timer.

The green team comes up with a strategy and start cooking their dish. Looks like Angelo is kind of taking the lead. The other teams slowly start to get their ingredients checked, and it's neck and neck with the three remaining teams. Spike asks for a check on the garlic that he finished up for Stephen, and Chang says that there are big chunks in it and Spike has to redo it. Finally, Chang says it's okay, and the blue team starts cooking with twelve minutes left. The red team starts with just over ten minutes left. The white team is still doing prep.

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