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Blais decides to take the lead for his team because there's not enough time to huddle up and come up with a game plan. Finally, the white team finishes with eight and a half minutes left. Both the white team and the red team are doing lamb Carpaccio so that they don't have to cook the meat, which will save them time. What cracks me up the most is that the minute that the blue team finishes, Spike sends Stephen off to get some plates. Like he obviously knows that Stephen isn't going to be any help with cooking, so why bother? The other teams are frantically trying to get their dishes together, and it's all very fast-paced and frantic until time is called.

The white team (Carla, Dale T., Marcel, and Tiffani) made lamb Carpaccio artichoke chips, artichoke salad, and garlic oil. The blue team (Blais, Spike, Tre, and Stephen) made a crispy lamb chop with artichoke three ways (raw, crispy, and braised) with chili aioli. The red team (Antonia, Casey, Jamie, and Dale L.) gets a big laugh when Padma accidentally greets them, "Hello, ladies. (long pause) And Dale." They made makes lamb Carpaccio with capers, garlic, Reggiano, and fresh herb salad with artichoke. And finally, the green team (Angelo, Mike, Tiffany, and Fabio) made lamb with garlic, tandoori-spiced yogurt, slivers of artichoke, and dill salad.

David Chang is ready to discuss his favorite and least favorite dishes. He did not like the red team's dish, because he thought the Parmesan and parsley overwhelmed everything. He also didn't like the green team, even though they had the most time, because the thyme and other seasonings overwhelmed the rest of the ingredients.

He did like the white team, because he thinks it was "very unique" (even though unique doesn't take a modifier) to serve the lamb in the Carpaccio style. Really? Unique? Even though another team did it too? He also thinks that their dish was "deceivingly complex." And he liked the blue team's crispy lamb chop due to their bold flavors. And the winner is the blue team. That was a really fun challenge to watch. Well edited and a good test of skill and talent. Blais interviews that he likes winning the money, but he also likes that he's earned some trust from his teammates.

For the Elimination Challenge, Padma reminds them that New York is considered by many to be the restaurant capital of the world. They will remain in their groups and each group will dine in one of New York's best restaurants. The challenge will be to create a dish that would fit in on that restaurant's menu. The green team gets Ma Peche, which is one of David Chang's restaurants. The red team gets Townhouse, which is a modern American restaurant owned by David Burke. The blue team gets Marea, a modern Italian restaurant owned by Michael White. And the white team (which includes Marcel) gets WD-50, Wylie Dufresne's restaurant, which has a strong emphasis on molecular gastronomy. Well, that hardly seems fair.

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