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Back at Townhouse, Jamie is wearing a printed T-shirt to a fine dining establishment. She didn't bring one dressy shirt with her? Come on. She looks like an asshole. Anyway, their first cocktail is served with a glass resting inside a fish bowl with an actual fish in it. Poor fish. Anyway, it seems that the chef's style is really wacky and whimsical, including a rack of lamb with an octopus on it. I don't know. Antonia interviews that all of the dishes started out very basic, and then the chef grew them from there. But at heart, they are basic, good dishes.

Back at the apartment, the cheftestants are all planning their dishes. Stephen talks about how he knows fine dining and fashion is his obsession. So why is he dressed like the Good Humor man? Also, how does an interest in fashion make him a good chef? I'm confused.

The next day, the cheftestants arrive at the kitchens of the restaurants where they ate the night before. I notice that either they did their shopping off-camera, or their shopping was done for them. I approve of this development in the show's editing. I always thought the trip to Whole Foods was a waste of time, unless something happened there that affected the outcome, which it rarely did. And even if it did, just have someone talk about it in an interview and be done with it.

Mike is really interested in beating Angelo, since he would be the obvious favorite to win in a challenge where he's cooking French Vietnamese food. Mike dismisses Tiffany's dish as something that should only take a few minutes to prepare.

Antonia has decided that even though her restaurant's food was crazy and whimsical, she's determined to take a simple dish like peas and carrots, and then just add some elements to make it fit the challenge. Sounds like a solid plan. A really good dish will always take you to the next round, even if it doesn't exactly fit the challenge's parameters. It might not win the whole thing, but this early on, just put out good food.

Carla is very mindful of how she went outside of her comfort zone during the finale of her season, and it didn't work out. So she's a little wary of trying to cook crazy Wylie Dufresne style food. Meanwhile, Stephen is having trouble with the Vitaprep and Blais worries that Stephen isn't going to make it. Tre knows that his strength is in Texas food like steak, so he's chosen to make swordfish, since it's the most steak-like fish. Tre also has a great laugh. I hope he stays in a while, just so he can laugh in interviews.

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