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The judges use words like "flavorful," "innovative" and "bold" when discussing Angelo's dish, and Kate Krader admits that she thought the white chocolate idea was crazy, but it totally works. They also like Mike's dish, because it is simple, but flavorful. Tom gives the eggplant a special mention. Fabio's dish, on the other hand, is confusing to the judges. It's much heavier than the other dishes (which were all seafood-based), and Chang says that it combines ingredients that he would never put together. Bourdain gives Fabio the benefit of the doubt and says that he's a talented cook that got "lost in the forest." While there are no real problems technically with Tiffany's dish, Kate thinks it lacks an element to elevate it above the rest, and Chang says that it's similar to dishes you would see at a lot of other restaurants.

Next, the judges head to Townhouse, and in the cab, the judges discuss how David White has always been avant garde and out there. In the kitchen, Casey mentions that Dale L. is asking her to taste every part of his dish, and in her opinion he just has too much going on the plate. It's not clear if she ever tells him this. It's not her place to, since it is a competition, but then again, they are like besties. Anyway, Casey has concerns about Dale's dish.

Dale L. served roasted veal loin with peanuts, popcorn, French toast, corn, and thyme caramel. Casey wasn't kidding about the dish having too many components. Antonia prepared pea puree, carrot puree, seared scallop, and pickled carrot. Casey made coconut halibut "scallop" (not really, but seared to look like one), tapioca "caviar" (faux, again), and ginger-carrot emulsion. Jamie offered smoked tomato and bacon soup with heirloom tomato salad.

The judges try Jamie's dish first. Bourdain wonders if the addition of smoke makes the dish better, or if it's just there to be there. Chef Burke doesn't think the dish has enough wow factor, and I agree. It's basically soup and salad, which is fine if that's where you start, but for this particular challenge, it needs something more. The presentation isn't even that exciting. I'm worried about Jamie, y'all. I don't know if her head's in the game. Then they get to Dale's dish. Padma points out that it's a sweet dish that he slapped some veal onto, and Burke thinks it's creative, but it's too sweet. They love what Casey did with the faux scallop made of halibut, and add that it's beautifully cooked. Antonia's dish was simple, but whimsically presented. Colicchio thinks it might be too salty, but Burke likes "assertive seasoning." Back in the kitchen, Jamie worries that her dish was too subtle. I think she's right to be worried.

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