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Six chefs remain, and immunity is probably off the table. They roll into the kitchen and are greeted by Jacques Pépin, renowned culinary legend and French guy. Carlos even recognizes Jacques, because he follows him on Facebook. Padma says for this QuickFire, their technical skills will be under the microscope since Jacques Pépin wrote the book "La Technique." Each of the chefs will prepare Jacques's favorite dish, some artichoke and asparagus Dover sole French thing. Jacques shows them how to prepare it and it must be excruciatingly difficult for Carlos to follow, with a language barrier and a half to get through.

Jacques Pépin casually shows the chefs how to carve a butter rose -- like it's a thing you can even learn how to do by watching one time -- and then sends them to work with a glass of wine in his hand. Shirley and Nicholas are the top contenders as they were both trained in classical French cooking. The kitchen is unusually quiet, with each chef working on executing the same dish.

Holy shit, Dover sole is a crazy fish. It's all flat and weird, and you have to peel the skin off in one go. Stephanie has trouble skinning her fish, which means she's one of those people who will probably end up eating a little plastic with her candy cane. It does appear to be between Shirley and Nick, as Carlos hasn't even started cooking with five minutes left. Nina's fish is raw with four minutes to go, though, because she never turned her burners on. It's a mad rush to the end and Carlos's looks the craziest.

He didn't get everything on the plate, but Carlos gets a courtesy taste from Jacques Pépin anyway. Shirley's plate looks much better and Jacques compliments her reduction. Brian apologizes for his hot mess of a plate, which isn't much better off than Carlos's. Jacques is very understanding even of Nina's imperfect fish. Stephanie says it was also a scramble for her, especially getting the skin off the sole. Nicholas's looks as good as Shirley's, as the prophecy foretold.

Jacques Pépin admits that it was a difficult challenge. Brian, Stephanie and Carlos basically failed. Shirley and Nicholas did it just right, but Nicholas had the dish with that something special that gave him an edge over Shirley.

For the elimination challenge, Padma reminds the chefs that both French and Spanish cultures have had an enormous effect on Louisiana territories. So who better to judge this challenge than Dominique Crenn and Julian Serrano, premier French and Spanish chefs? The chefs will work in two teams, each preparing a five course meal in either Spanish or French style, highlighting olives, almonds, mussels, chicken and chocolate.

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